JJ Jansen, Travis Thomas Sign FA Deals

The first two undrafted Notre Dame players to sign free agent deals are long snapper JJ Jansen and running back/special teamer Travis Thomas.  Jansen signed with Green Bay and Thomas signed with Cleveland.

Both probably have a pretty good chance at making a roster because they can fill niche roles on a team.  Jansen is a pretty good long snapper and if he finds the right place, he can make an entire career based on long snapping.  Mike Batrum is a guy who comes to mind who has lasted in the NFL for years because he’s been able to be a very effective long snapper.

Travis Thomas will make an NFL roster if he can show in camp that he can be a special teams standout.  His running back skills alone will not get him on a roster and those skills alone probably wouldn’t have gotten him drafted.  Because he’s played a lot of positions though, he has a chance to make a squad as a utility/special teams guy.

UPDATE: Joe Brockington has now also signed a FA deal with the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. Kevin 11 years ago

    i thinik brockington can be a force in the NFL after a couple of years

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  2. JC 11 years ago

    All things considered ND has done quite well in the NFL Draft and Free Agency this year.

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  3. Jack 11 years ago

    Add Brockington to the title.

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