2013 Opponent Recruiting Recap: Michigan Wolverines

Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines, 2013 Outback Bowl
January 1,2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke reacts against the South Carolina Gamecocks during the second half of the 2013 Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium. South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the Michigan Wolverines 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As intense as the battles have been between rivals Notre Dame and Michigan on the field, they can be equally as powerful off the field in the world of recruiting. The two winningest programs in major college football history have been involved in some truly epic battles on the gridiron as they have battled for Midwest supremacy. Although both programs endured their fair share of mediocrity over the last decade, each school has seemingly brought a new excitement and level of success with recent coaching changes.  In Brady Hokes two years in Ann Arbor he has compiled a record of 19-7 and secured a Sugar Bowl victory in 2011. Brian Kelly has had his share of success also in his 3 years of patrolling the sidelines in South Bend, accumulating 28 wins, while dropping 11 games, including a trip to the BCS National Championship game.

Much like Kelly, the newest coach in Michigan’s storied football program, understands that recruiting the right type of athlete is crucial to sustainable success, and needs to be a national venture, not just one with a Midwest focalization. Hoke realizes how important it is to recruit locally and regionally also, but the crowning jewel of his 2013 class came from Virginia, in the form of running-back Derrick Green. In fact of 7 of the 27 kids that actually signed this year, came from other states not named Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana. While that may not seem like a lot, Alabama, who claimed the best recruiting ranking again in 2013, only signed 5 kids outside of their region.

Initial Impressions

While coming off a year that saw the Wolverines finish 8-5 and a hard-fought 33-28 loss against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, coach Hoke didn’t allow injuries or a disappointing season to interfere with his plan, or the message he was conveying to potential recruits. He is building the Wolverine program the correct way, with talented individuals who are willing to work hard, and do the right thing.  He has taken a hard-line with the recruits and is very honest and upfront, either you are 100% in with his program, or he doesn’t want you. Ending the 2013 recruiting process with the #5 class in the country, Hoke is laying the ground work for future success, and his opponents should take notice that he is a player’s coach, and a lot of kids want to play for him. Hoke has now assembled two consecutive classes in the top 7, and he and his staff should start to see the fruits of their labor on the field starting this year.

Biggest Hits

Derrick Green – (5* RB Richmond, VA)

A power back with 4.4 speed and at 6’0 215lbs, Green can either run through you, or simply around you.
Hoke loves this kid, and had no problem publicly saying so.

Kyle Bosch – (4* OL Wheaton, IL)

A force to be dealt with, Bosch already possesses a great frame to add additional bulk. A menacing figure that stands at 6’5 and 311 pounds, with an attitude to match.

Shane Morris – (4* QB Warren, MI)

A pro-style quarterback, that will fit Hokes system perfectly. Morris stands at 6’3, so looking over the behemoths Michigan has assembled to protect him, will not be an issue. Shows great awareness, and has the ability to hurt you down field.

Biggest Misses

Laquon Treadwell – (5* WR Crete, IL) (Ole Miss)

Treadwell would have provided a perfect target for Morris over the next four years. Has very good size at 6’3 195lbs, the receiver from Illinois understands how to use his size to his advantage, and is explosive off the line.

Leon McQuay III – (5* DB Seffner,FL) (USC)

Although the Trojans struggled to keep commits this year, they did manage to land McQuay. One of the best defensive backs in the country, and Hoke would have loved to have him in Ann Arbor.

Jonathan Allen – (5* DT Ashburn, VA) (Alabama)

A good first step and a nasty attitude is nice combination, and both are attributes that Allen possesses.  While he may need to add some bulk, that doesn’t stop him from being a disruptive force.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan recruiting battle

Obviously, the Irish and the Wolverines attract the same type of kid, and 2013 was no different. Below is a list of kids who signed with one of the schools but were being recruited and offered by the other –

Notre Dame Michigan
Hunter Bivin(OL)
Devin Butler(DB)
Steve Elmer(OL)
Cole Luke(CB)
Jacob Matuska(TE)
Mike McGlinchey(OL)
Colin McGovern(OL)
John Montelus(OL)
James Onwualu(ATH)
Doug Randolph(LB)
Isaac Rochell(DE)
Jaylon Smith(LB)
Durham Smythe(TE)
Eddie Vanderdoes(DT)
Kyle Bosch(OL)
Taco Charlton(DE)
Patrick Kugler(OL)
Henry Poggi(DT)
Dymonte Thomas(FS)
Logan Tuley-Tillman(OL)

As you can see with you own eyes, the Irish prevailed in most cases, when it came to both schools recruiting the same kid. That’s not to say that Michigan didn’t win a few important battles, but this year it was coach Kelly and staff that won the head-to-head match-up. There were 20 combined recruits that both Notre Dame and Michigan were interested enough in to offer a scholarship, with the Irish coming out on top in 14 of those.

Overall Summary

It’s truly a shame that Michigan and Notre Dame will be ending their rivalry after 2014, as it would have been a lot of fun on both sides to see the recruits go up against each other. While some may feel that Hoke received more credit for his initial season of 12-1 than was warranted, there is no doubt he is a much better fit than the Wolverines prior pick, in Rich Rodriguez. Although the Irish only have two game left against them for the near future, it should be very interesting to watch the Wolverines and Buckeyes do battle for Big10 supremacy over the next few years.

It’s pretty obvious that Hoke and his staff need to have a big effort next year to help erase the disappointment that was the 2012 season, and a victory against the Irish on September 7th, would go a long way in doing just that. We believe that the Irish will still prevail in this game, but as usual, it will come down to the final few minutes. As it stands, Michigan leads the all time series against the Irish, with a record of 23-16-1.

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  1. HURLS 5 years ago

    re: picture – QUICK! someone get bad-boy Brady a suppository! (doesn’t it look like he needs a little help squeezing one?)

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  2. George 5 years ago

    The Bleacher Report is a joke. It’s probably even worse than Dead Spin. They don’t even believe in spell check. Furthermore, Greg Bryant should be the RB they’re talking about. The guy is going to have a real shot at starting. Carlisle can’t stay healthy.

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  3. Chi-town Copper 5 years ago

    Off Topic but as i read a link on this site to the Bleacher Report article on the battle for the starting RB spot, i find it funny that they say Cam McDaniel is “Rudy” and has a “minimal” chance of contributing or starting while they rank him #4 on the depth chart behind Mahone (who has never even played in college yet) and Carlisle (who didnt even play last year). Other bleacher report articles about the ND RB situation even leave out Cam McDaniel completely. First of all, Cam McDaniel is NOT Rudy. He didnt walk on and in fact was a very prolific HS RB in about the most competitive class of football around in TX. Second of all he DOES have skill, he’s not some “scrappy” guy. He showed bursts of speed and good vision in limited action. Im just sick of this guy getting the shaft, in my opinion, because of the color of his skin.

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  4. HURLS 5 years ago

    (sc)UM. I needn’t continue, so I won’t really. Or maybe I will… Anyone remember that Sarah Palin SLUT? Something tells me she is a (sc)UM-sucker. Lewinsky-esque? Possibly. But (sc)UM is reviling.

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    1. JC 5 years ago

      No, and spare us your injudiciously FUBARlistic ideology.

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  5. St. Pat 5 years ago

    Know Nd really like Taco,Tuley-Tillman,Kugler,and Bosch early on in the process. Can’t blame Michigan for going after Jaylon, while all the Kelly to the NFL talk was going on. They wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t try. I would hope that ND would do the same if in Michigans shoes. He could be a great player. Jaylon did listen to Mattison, probably just to be nice, but still had a metting. Don’t think Jaylon would have left even with Kelly gone, from the quotes he has given. ND will have to keep it up on the recruiting trail with Hoke and Urban in the Midwest. Glad that we recruit nationally. In recruitng anything goes, and it’s only going to get worse.

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  6. Shazamrock 5 years ago

    At least in the Kelly era, I think if a recruit “states” that he has given his verbal, is solid on his choice, and has completed his recruiting process, I think the ND staff respects that and has proven as much.

    Now if a kid changes his mind and publicly re-opens his recruuiting (as was the case with Vanderdoes) then he’s fair game. (Same with transfers)

    Interesting that the above article notes that Brady Hoke takes a hard line
    with his recruits fully exspecting them to be 100% in, and totally committed.

    But when ND has such a player (see Jaylon Smith) it’s OK to be a hypocritical two face and try to steal the guy away at the last possible minute. He doesn’t like it happening to him, but will do it to someone else in a heart beat??? Real bush league if you ask me. But that’s Michigan.
    The more things change… the more they stay the same.


    You know, you got to have that “Hard Copy” for it to really mean something now-a-days.
    I guess a hand shake ain’t what it used to be.

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    1. HURLS 5 years ago

      You shouldn’t blame scUM for being bush-league. After all, what is the biggie10-11-12 if not a BUSH LEAGUE? Or wait a sec…this just in: you CAN blame them for being weasels. You know the difference between a wolverine and a weasel? No? Me neither – but do you care? No? ME NEITHER.

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  7. Shazamrock 5 years ago

    It was a well known fact that Jaylon Smith was ND Gold and Blue through and through for over a year.
    He stopped taking visits, and calls, and made it clear he was fully commited to ND.

    But that didn’t stop Michigan from making a 12th hour pitch in an attempt to steal him away.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    1. Ron Burgundy 5 years ago

      As if ND has never tried to do this??
      The story of Diaco at Ishaq’s house is almost legendary. What about Vanderdoes this year who was a strong USC commit?

      Last minute changes happen all the time. Last year ND got the short end of the stick, this year they cleaned up with the last minute gang.

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      1. Shazamrock 5 years ago

        Those guys re-opened their recruiting “after” giving their verbal and made it clear that they were interested.

        At that point ND re-offered to them, and they accepted.

        That’s a Big difference then trying to sneek in at the last minute and steal a player away like a dirty, low down weasel… er… I mean, Wolverine!

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      2. Ron Burgundy 5 years ago

        Valid, but do you actually believe that ND does not recruit a kid who has committed? Nothing is official until the fax shows up.

        As a side note, this must be the only time all year that things are actually faxed. Why do they still rely on this?

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