A Notre Dame Guide to You Tube

If you have an internet connection and read any sports message board, the website YouTube.com is undoubtably in your history many, many times. Even ESPN’s Sports Guy Bill Simmons has weigh in the YouTube phenomenon with a recent Page 2 article. So, inspired by Mr. Simmons, I submit for your viewing pleasure, the UHND Notre Dame Guide to YouTube – Part 1: Single Plays

Ray Zellars flattens a helpless Purdue defender -1994
You almost feel bad watching the Purdue defender get run over by the monster truck known as Ray Zellars, but then you realize he plays for Purdue and all sympathy goes out the window. The amazing part of this run isn’t even the bulldozer Zellars, pulls but it’s the balance he displays as he leaps over another defender after leveling the first.

Quinn’s TD run against Southern Cal – 2005
Not to open any fresh wounds from last year’s Southern Cal game, but this was a hell of a play from Brady. While Leinart looked rattled all game until his 4th and 9 miracle, Quinn looked cool and composed all game. In fact other than a first quarter interception on a tipped pass, Quinn’s only mistake may have been marching the Irish down the field too quickly on this draft.

Reggie Brooks run against Michigan – 1992
Much like Zellars’ run above Brooks shows some power, speed, and balance that we haven’t seen at Notre Dame in some time. Everyone knows this play so there’s no need for much more discussion other to say its one of the few times hearing Cris Collingsworth is actually enjoyable.

The Rocket Ismail Collection
The Rocket has too many exciting plays to talk about them individually so all I’m going to say is I miss the Rocket and can’t wait for Notre Dame to get another player of his caliber who can literally take it to the house any time he touches the ball.

Zbikowski’s Return against USC – 2005
Zibby had shown signs of being able to break one in the return game before, but finally busted one against ‘SC. Just an awesome tackle breaking return.

Zbikowski’s Return against Tennessee – 2005
Not only did he return this punt for a touchdown, he returned an interception for a TD as well and came damn close to a second punt return as well.

Quinn’s 85 Yarder to Stovall in his first start
Brady got knocked around by Purdue in his first start, but got a few knocks of his own in like this 85 yard touchdown to Maurice Stovall at the end of the second quarter.

Irv Smith takes Indiana for a ride
One of the craziest plays you’ll ever see. Smith literally carried three defenders into the end zone after two others missed the tackle all. The first defender hops on Smith’s back about 25 yards from the end zone.

83 Yard touchdown in 2006 Blue-Gold game for Travis Thomas
The same guy that is supposedly going to get a look at linebacker had this 83 yard touchdown run a couple months ago in the Blue-Gold game.

Pat Terrell’s INT vs. Miami – 1988
Jimmy Johnson I hated you when you were the coach at Miami and maybe even more so as the coach of the Cowboys. I’ll give the guy credit, he did win, but at what cost at Miami? Could those guys even read?

Rice to Braxton Banks vs. Miami
Another clip from the Catholics vs. Convicts – I could watch these all day. This play gave the Irish the lead 14-7.

Terrell Knocks Down the 2pt Conversion
Has any corner made two plays as big as Terrell’s pick and knock down of the 2 pointer for the Irish in the same game? Again, give Johnson some credit for having the stones to go for two instead of one. Still can’t stand him though.

Final plays vs. Miami
This just in, Jimmy Johnson is still complaining to the officials. It had to be their fault. How else could his team actually lose a game to Notre Dame? Maybe it had something to do with that guy named Lou. “This game was won by the Notre Dame Spirit” – Lou Holtz.

Tony Rice Touchdown vs. Miami – 1988
Loved Rice while he was at ND. The guy just knew how to win and made some unbelievable plays for the Irish. This run gave the Irish a 7-0 lead.

Frank Stams forced fumble vs. Miami – 1988
Stams forced Walsh to fumble with the Irish recovering. Stams was a fullback before Holtz moved him to defense, maybe another running back in this article can have a similar move to defense this year? Hey, I said maybe.

Pre Game Fight Report by John Dockery
First off, I miss Dockery covering Notre Dame games. Secondly, I miss having Notre Dame teams that wouldn’t back down to a fight when provoked and disrespected by some punks like the 1988 Miami team. On a side note, read Talking Irish for some really good quotes on the pregame fight with Miami.

Lou Gets a Gatorade Bath after 1992 Sugar Bowl
Can’t stand Spurrier ever since his comments leading to this game and seeing his team get its teeth kicked in during the second half was awesome.

Bettis against Florida in 1992 Sugar Bowl – Touchdown 1 ; Touchdown 2
Jerome Bettis literally ran over, through, and around Florida in the second half for two touchdowns.

Mirer’s touchdowns against Florida – Irv Smith ; Lake Dawson
Mirer’s touchdown to Dawson got the Irish back the game after failing behind 13-0 and his toss to Smith gave the Irish a 17-16 lead.

Instant Impact Goal Line Stand vs Penn State – 1992
Led by Demetrius DuBose, the Notre Dame defense had a first half goal line stand in the last regular season matchup with Penn State prior to the upcoming season. The game is now known as the Snow Bowl and yes there are more clips coming from this game.

Snow Bowl Ending
Mirer to Bettis and then Mirer to Brooks for the win. Even though these clips are now 14 years old Joe Pa still looks old and out of place on the sidelines. Truly awesome ending to a game though. Hopefully Notre Dame won’t need as many dramatics this year.

Rice vs ‘SC – 1989
Rice runs in what was the game winning touchdown for the Irish against Southern Cal.

Final Play ’93 Florida State
Watching Shawn Wooden knock down Charlie Ward’s pass just never gets old. Ever.

Adrian Jarrell’s TD vs. Florida State in 1993
Notice how the Florida State player hit Jarrell after he entered the end zone. They did that after every Notre Dame touchdown it seemed. That worked out well for them that day.

Mirer to Derrick Mayes vs. Pitt in 1992
Lou called in the play from the sideline and Mirer and Mayes ran it to perfection.

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