Alex Bullard on Picking Notre Dame

Notre Dame added its first offensive linemen of this year’s recruiting class last week with the addition of Tennessee native Alex Bullard. Bullard spoke about his commitment to the Irish to the Tennessean at the end of last week.

“It’s a good fit for me,” Bullard said. “I liked the smaller campus, smaller classrooms and just how prestigious a school they are. Especially with Tennessee, it was a tough decision. I felt like me and Coach (Phillip) Fulmer had a relationship. But at the end of the day, Notre Dame was the best place for me.”

Bullard attended Notre Dame’s spring game in April.

“At first I was going to wait until after football season to decide,” Bullard said, “but this was best for me and my family, and the interest of my team.”

It does amaze me that Charlie Weis has been able to get commitments like this from highly rated prospects right under the nose of “State U” on the heels of last season. This was a huge pickup for the Irish. Bullard is a top line offensive guard prospect and could potentially grow into a tackle with a little more height.

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  1. Kevin 10 years ago

    yeah i was looking it up ND is really small compared to state schools

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  2. joe tennant 10 years ago

    Notre Dame only has 8-10 thousand undergrad students. That is small.

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  3. Jimmy 10 years ago

    I think we should all look at the the 2009 recruiting class. Cierre Woods, Theo Riddick, Carlo Calabrese and the addition of these two bad a$$es. Coach Weis has out done himself definitely. He’s stackin the roster and it feels good that we’re out of the post-willingham recruiting era. We’re gonna have some top-notch talent on the field in seasons to come.

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  4. JC 10 years ago

    When is the last time we have seen this type of consistant golden recruiting?

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  5. fezarnez 10 years ago

    I dont care what his reason was for picking ND over UT all I know is 2 to 3 years he will know he made the right pick when we are playing for the title GO IRISH

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  6. Roberto Pacheco 10 years ago

    ND isn’t huge. It’s total enrollment is less than 12,000(Source: 2008 Higher Education Directory). For the sake of comparison, UTenn’s enrollment is over 26,000. My school, FIU, has over 30,000 students. ND is a small, rural, Catholic school. All of which makes its academic and athletic successes all the more commendable

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  7. bleednd82 10 years ago

    Maybe he is comparing it to University of TeNN. I havent ever been down to Knoxville Tenn. ND is big so Im assuming UT is huge. Anyone been down there?

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  8. Kevin 10 years ago

    whats all this about wanting a smaller campus and smaller class rooms, Notre Dame is huge

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