Jalen Harris Sticks with Arizona, Notre Dame Down to 4

Photo originally from Twitter @JHarr8245

Earlier today we posted the remaining big board for Notre Dame featuring five prospects.  Tonight we’re down to the final four after defensive end recruit Jalen Harris decided to stay at home and remain committed to Arizona.  The loss leaves just one weak-side defensive end left on the board for Notre Dame heading into Signing Day.

It was always going to take a huge late push to get Jalen Harris on board for Notre Dame, but by all reports, that is exactly what happened.  Optimism was high on Notre Dame’s chances here on Notre Dame recruiting sites, but ultimately, Harris’s close ties to his home-state program won out.  Harris’s father Sean not only attended Arizona, but played football for the Wildcats before a successful NFL career.

With the loss of Harris, Notre Dame is down to Kofi Wardlow on its weak-side defensive end board and there is a chance the Maryland commitment could eventually grow into a strong-side end before all is said and done.

The good news for Notre Dame is things appear to be trending in the right direction with Wardlow.  Despite being committed to Notre Dame there is optimism that Notre Dame could pull off the flip here.  Notre Dame already has commitments from defensive tackles Kurt Hinish and Darnell Ewell.

Along with Wardlow, Notre Dame is still waiting to see if they will add Russ Yeast, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, or Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa.  All three are expected to announce tomorrow throughout the day.   All four remaining prospects have been active on social media on Tuesday but have not offered too many clues as to where they are leaning.


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  1. Chris G 3 years ago

    It shouldn’t take another horrible season to get rid of Kelly. He should already be gone. And even if they fire him, do you really believe Swarbrick can bring in a big name coach? The best he can do is Pat Fitzgerald from Northwestern and that is pathetic. I cannot believe how terrible the current state ND football is in.

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  2. Rich M 3 years ago

    Dropping like flies. That is what a 4-8 record and turmoil in the coaching staff will do to a team’s recruiting prospects. Add the fact that Kelly is on borrowed time unless he can put together a stellar year, things are not looking good for the Irish! Another horrible season might be exactly what the ND program needs. It would hopefully bring about a coaching change at the top and a much needed do over. I just hate the thought of watching another less then competent team for at least 12 games next year. Oh well, such is life. I guess you have to take the bad with the good and I’m afraid there is more bad than good just around the Golden Dome corner! Go ND!

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  3. Mike "King" Kelly 3 years ago

    I won’t even distinguish this with a remark.

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    1. HURLS 3 years ago

      I’m with you “King”. Chris sounds like a Christina and Rich has gone broke. Now despite that feeble humor, let’s be positive and not expect kids to contribute right out of high school. That’s not how it works, these days AT NOTRE DAME. People should remember you recruit potential, not a finished product. GO IRISH!

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      1. William 3 years ago

        Well said..

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