Eddie Vanderdoes to Notre Dame!

U.S. Army All-American Bowl West Team DL Eddie Vanderdoes IV (47) from Placer High School in Auburn, CA celebrates after a sack during the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in the Alamodome in San Antonio Texas. (Photo – John Albright / IconSMI)

Celebrate Notre Dame fans.  The Irish just put the cherry on top of their Signing Day sundae.  Five star defensive tackle, and former USC commitment, Eddie Vanderdoes has signed with Notre Dame.

Vanderdoes’s signing comes after quite a bit of signing day drama after the first signing day press release from Notre Dame inadvertently had Vanderdoes listed as a signee even though he had yet to fax in his LOI.  At the time Vanderdoes had yet to send in his fax or announce where he was headed.  At the end of the day though, Vanderdoes selected Notre Dame over USC, UCLA, and Alabama rounding out a recruiting class that clearly ranks as the best class brought in by the current coaching staff since their arrival to Notre Dame just over three years ago.

Vanderdoes had been committed to USC for a while, but opened up his recruitment at the end of 2012 with UCLA, Alabama, and Notre Dame his main suitors along with USC.  After visiting all of his finalists over the last month, Vanderdoes ended up picking the Irish to bolster an already strong class for Notre Dame.

With Vanderdoes in the fold, the Irish class includes 5-star prospects at each level of the defense with Vanderdoes up front, Jaylon Smith at linebacker, and Max Redfield in the defensive backfield at safety.   Combine that haul with one of the best offensive line classes in the country and commitments from two of the best running backs in the country and this is a banner year for the Irish and head coach Brian Kelly.

Without Vanderdoes, the Notre Dame class would have still been very strong, but it wouldn’t have been the kind of class that will help Notre Dame close the gap between them and the Alabamas of the college football world.  With Vanderdoes though, this is the kind of class that we could point back to in a few years as the class that tipped the scales in Notre Dame’s favor.

Vanderdoes is an elite defensive lineman who was an absolute force in the US Army All American Bowl.  His scouting video shows just how dominating of a force he is up front and should give every Notre Dame fan a lot of optimism about the future at defensive line for the Irish.

Notre Dame got involved in recruiting Vanderdoes heavily quickly after he decommitted from USC and hosted the 5-star talent in late January on the same weekend that Durham Smythe was on campus and committed to the Irish.   He joins Jacob Matuska and Isaac Rochell along the defensive line for Notre Dame and rounds out what could be the best defensive class in the last 20 years for Notre Dame given the depth and quality at each level.

Notre Dame Missed Opportunity Only Taking One RB in 2020 Class

The addition of Vanderdoes gives Notre Dame four 5-star recruits in this year’s class with running back Greg Bryant joining the defensive 5-star prospects.

Notre Dame ended up signing 10 defensive recruits today to go along with an offensive class consisting of 14 prospects.  For recruiting capsules and video of each use the links below.

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  • [intlink id=”12824″ type=”post”]Notre Dame\’s 2013 Defensive Recruits[/intlink]


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  1. HURLS 7 years ago

    I’m from Boston. Grew-up drink the early ’80’s. Anyone remember the band “The Cars”? One of their popular songs was “Let the good times roll.” Let’s cue that song, OK?

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  2. Portugoose 7 years ago

    Vanderdoes has the size to be the heir to Nix, but I think his athleticism may allow him to play some strong side defensive end, too, much like Haloti Ngata has been doing for the Ravens.

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  3. joey d 7 years ago

    WOW!! Tony Alford and crew did it BIG!!! Wish my staff would come through like this for me. Brian Kelly should pray every night before he goes to bed that he can keep these coaches around for a long time (well, except the special teams coach).

    It’s nice to see my dad smile again when talking about ND football. Haven’t seen a smile since they kicked USC’s ass two months ago.

    Is Vanderdoes the next coming of Chris Zorich? I hope so!!!

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  4. Jack 7 years ago

    BK did a hell of a job with this class. He addressed most of his needs and bolstered both sides of the lines. Bravo BK, Bravo!

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  5. duranko 7 years ago

    There is a weird result from all of this. Suppose that Tuitt and Nix left
    after the ’13 season. Then the next year, we would have Rochell, Day,
    Jarron Jones and Vanderdoes covering the 4 DL spots. One would be a non-starter. Mirabile dictu. Of course we would also have Springman, Matuska
    Hounshell and, with some luck, Jay Hayes, and maybe Williams, Rochell’s teammate, Trumbetti and Enoch Smith. You know, it is beginning to look like a depth chart.

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    1. westcoastirishfan 7 years ago

      I could see Okwara and Ishaq on the DL, too.

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  6. Portugoose 7 years ago

    ND now has Irish Chocolate and Irish Mocha.

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    1. jonny 7 years ago

      i think its more like Dutch Mocha

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  7. spiceyirish 7 years ago

    The 2014 class has gotten off to a nice start also. Another strong season like last season will bring even bigger riches to the program.

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  8. JTRAIN 7 years ago

    This kid is an animal. Watched him play in all star game and he looked like a man amongst boys. HUGE pickup. Nice job by BK and the gang, probably most well rounded class ND has had in quite some time. Awesome


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  9. JP 7 years ago

    Welcome Eddie. Christmas came early for Irish fans. Incredible class.

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  10. spiceyirish 7 years ago

    I just got the news. One of the biggest signings of the class.

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