Henderson Will Make His Own Decision

Seantrel Henderson told David Shama that his friendship with Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd will not play a role in his college decision even though he considers Floyd one of his best friends.

Henderson, who will be a senior offensive tackle next fall at Cretin-Derham Hall regards Floyd, a former teammate at the St. Paul high school and now a star wide receiver at Notre Dame, as one of his “best friends.”  Floyd has said he will help Notre Dame pursue Henderson who is listed by rivals.com as the nation’s No. 1 recruit (regardless of position) for 2010. Asked if Floyd will be a factor in his decision, Henderson answered, “No, not really. I think it’s pretty much about me.”

Henderson is probably the most important recruit left on the board for Notre Dame in 2010 given their need at tackle and Henderson’s talent.   Despite all of Notre Dame’s success recruiting Cretin Derham Hall prospects over the last decade, it sounds like Notre Dame is going to need to do some work on the field in order to sway Henderson their way.

He’s not interested in losers. “I won’t really want to go anywhere where the team is not that good,” he said. “As long as the team is up and coming then I am fine… .”

Another season this year like last year and it will tough for Notre Dame to land Henderson.  With the schedule Notre Dame has in 2009 though, there is the potential for a very strong season which would lead to an elite recruiting class for Weis and Notre Dame.   Recrutis like Henderson are going to want to see Notre Dame prove it on the field this year after four very strong recruiting classes in a row.

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  1. Johnny Who Dey 9 years ago

    So he wants us to win this year? Money in the bag. Welcome to South Bend Mister Henderson.

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