Irish Add Another 5-Star Commit for ’10

The biggest news of Signing Day 2009 was, of course, the verbal commitment and signed LOI of Manti Te’o, but the Irish picked up another 5-star commitment today as well when 2010 DE prospect Chris Martin selected Notre Dame as reported by Irish Eyes.

Martin, who will be one of the top rated recruits regardless of position in 2010, is the third commitment for Notre Dame for the class of 2010 – the second of which is 5-star caliber.

Here’s an excerpt from IE on why Martin picked Notre Dame.

“As far as choosing Notre Dame, it was the right place for me from the academics to playing time,” Martin said. “Those are my two big things. The scheme they run, there is a lot of opportunity there, and academic wise, there aren’t too many places that can beat Notre Dame.

“It feels like it’s the right place to be for four or five years.”

After striking out at defensive end this year, this was outstanding news for Notre Dame and adds to the momentum that was started with the commitment of Manti Te’o.  The class of 2010 looks to be set up perfectly for Notre Dame as long as the Irish put a strong product on the field in 2009 and the early commitment of two 5-star prospects is proof of that.

Great job by the staff getting Martin locked up this early.

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  1. Crean 'n Crimson 9 years ago

    You mean by getting it done by winning the National Title in his 4th year. I think last year he saved his job by winning the Hawaii Bowl. No matter how bad everyone says Hawaii sucks; this was basically a home game for the (I don’t care what the ticket sales were.) This is what everyone expects from us, and in some way we do also maybe not expect but want to happen. Get your licks in now because things are changing.

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  2. Chris 9 years ago

    Based on all the recruiting polls out there ND aint even on the radar w/ the exception of Te’o for 2009 and that is no gurantee this kid can excell at the college level.

    I learned long ago to not get excited about these paper tigers at this point in the game. The main issue remains and that has been and continues to be Charlies inability to develop the “talent” that has been acquired these past 4 years.

    We played teams with a ton less talent than ND had in 2008 and had our hats handed to us – thank you Syracuse, Pitt, BC, NC etc…

    Wish there was a national signing day for coaches…no, I am not a Weis hater I dont hate anyone for that matter – I just think he stinks coaching at the college level. The overall impression is that he has been bringing in more talent since he arrived and yet each year we hear we’re gonna “start” getting better….once these kids get that experience….this is his 5th year folks…

    It is taking a hell of a lot less time at a whole lot of colleges and universities around the country to get things rolling on a consistant basis. You got to ask yourself why it just aint getting done for the Irish thus far.

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  3. Paul 9 years ago

    That will be the pressing need, we need some big bruts to stuff the middle. Tyler Stockton?

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  4. faithfulfan 9 years ago

    According to Weis press conference yesterday, he said something along the lines of “we are well on our way to a good defensive line class next year”. He talked about getting a bunch of linemen for ’10 class.

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  5. Mikey_G 9 years ago

    Well said nepachris. Talent means nothing if there is no depth or experience. Finally, there is all three. The talent seems to have been there with Weis’s recruiting efforts, but now there is the experience of being in the system and the depth to push the players to compete and better themselves. The players who make the two-deep for 2009, whether they be upper-classmen or not, will have earned their spot on the depth chart through plenty of competition. It will be an exciting off-season.

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  6. nepachris 9 years ago

    where are the weis haters now???????? yeah there’s a few here and there now and then, but there certainly aren’t that many chiming in after today is there??!! i’m not defending the guy, but i truly believe the difference between his(and our nd’s) situation when he was hired was so different than anyone else’s at any other program out there due to what the davieham era. i will put money on washington going thru what we did after willingham’s recruiting. weis had to build from the basement up like washington has to now. weis now has the foundation up and ready to decorate the living room. once people can understand that or have something (uw) to compare it to, college football itself will be better off. patience is a virtue and an investment. one that i believe is going to start paying huge dividends and more importantly, start shutting up the supposed fans of nd football.

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  7. jason_h537 9 years ago

    next years class is looking like it will be on par with last years, maybe even better. Unless Notre Dame wins it won’t mean anything. wins on the field will lead to recruiting success. now its all on Weis. with the exception of USC, we have more talent than anyone on our schedule. 09 is the year we have to get back to being one of the nations elite programs.

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