Moore Enjoyed Visit to Colorado

Greg Biggins from ESPN had some quotes from Byron Moore about his recent visit to Colorado this past weekend.

“It was a great trip,” Moore said. “The campus was beautiful, the players and coaches were all fun to be around and I can definitely picture myself playing at Colorado for the next four years of my life.

“The coaches are all about the players there and I have a good relationship with Coach Hagan who has been recruiting me for a while now. I loved my visit to Notre Dame too and now that I’ve taken this last visit, I can compare evenly all three of my final schools and lay out all the positives and negatives.”

The third school in the mix Moore was referring to is USC. After de-committing, most assumed the Trojans were out of the running but Moore said that wasn’t the case.

“USC is still in it for sure,” Moore said. “I’m still in contact with them but I wanted to look at some other options too. I wanted to be respectful and I felt that if I’m going to look around, I should de-commit to be fair to the other schools and let them know I was serious about them.

Moore visited Notre Dame back in Novemeber for the Syracuse game so Colorado will have the advantage of being the freshest in his memory when he makes his decision Wednesday.  Still, considering Colorado was a late choice for a visit, you have to think that we have a pretty good chance here.

Moore and Jawanza Starling are both announcing there college decisions by noon on Wednesday so by the time lunch rolls around on NSD we’ll know if we’ll be adding any more defensive backs to this class.

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