Quick Side Note: Props to Jamie Newberg

Last week I posted that Jamie Newberg was the only expert over on Rivals who was predicting Manti Te’o was going to end up at Notre Dame.  In fact, Newberg was one of the only experts I saw predicting Te’o to Notre Dame outside of the Notre Dame related websites.

So I figured I’d just give a quick shout out to Newberg for nailing this one last week.

Now let’s get Newberg to predict Seantrel Henderson, Anthony Barr, Justin McCray and some of the other top targets for 2010 to Notre Dame as well 🙂

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  1. Jim 9 years ago

    Good job Newberg. It’s rare to see accuracy in your profession.

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  2. shazamrock 9 years ago

    I know it’s early. I know these guys haven’t even put on a practice jersey, let a lone a game jersey. But there’s something about this group. I just got a feeling, looking at the names, that they are going to be really special. They got leaders, roll players, and special teams standouts. Good job by all the coaches.

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  3. nepachris 9 years ago

    exactly, thank you newberg for seperating yourself from the sheep of usc loving, independant hating, etc…i will stop there.haha

    frankie, where did you predict manti????

    and i quote “Manti Te’o – USC. Unfortunately I think we’ll come in second place here.”

    just busting you, i still feel like a usc alum who stabbed his wife and her lover

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  4. Paul 9 years ago

    Absolutely, great call by Newberg. I believe Stockton will be the critical recruit.
    Welcome Mr.Te’o MAHalo, I cant wait to see you flying around the field!

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