Rashad Kinlaw Gives Notre Dame Commit #8

The windfalls of this past weekend’s junior day continue to roll in for Notre Dame after New Jersey athlete Rashad Kinlaw became the fifth commitment since Saturday to join the class of 2013 for the Irish.

Kinlaw, a 6’2″, 185 lb corner from Galloway, New Jersey, joined a quartet of Hunter Bivin, Colin McGovern, Mike McGlinchey, and Malik Zaire in committing to Notre Dame out of this weekend’s junior day.  Unlike the other four commitments the Irish picked up though, Kinlaw projects on the defensive side of the ball at corner on the college level.

Kinlaw’s offer list isn’t as impressive as some of the other commitments from the weekend, but a broken leg suffered playing quarterback in week 5 this past fall has hurt his recruiting profile.  That hasn’t stopped his high school coach, Dennis Scuderi,  from talking up prized pupil according to Irish Illustrated.

“It’s a done deal,” Scuderi said. “They’re stealing him. This kid should have 80 offers right now. It’s mind boggling.”

Whether or not those offers end up coming Kinlaw’s way remains to be seen, but what’s important now is that Kinlaw gives Notre Dame its first commitment at corner – a major position of need after the defections Notre Dame suffered at the position in last year’s class.  The first of what will hopefully be three commitments at the position this year.  At least that’s the plan and that’s what the staff told Kinlaw while he was on campus this weekend according to Irish Sports Daily.

“I was thinking about doing it when I was up there this weekend,” Kinlaw said. “They were telling me, ‘If you want to come here, you might as well say you commit instead of waiting too long and waiting until the three spots are filled.’ So I figured, I might as well do it since I want to come and there are only three spots.”

While Kinlaw spent the 2011 season at quarterback before suffering his injury, he will get a look on the defensive side of the ball this season and is already cleared for full contact.   The highlight reel below only shows Kinlaw at quarterback, but one thing that jumps out is his speed and athleticism.  The versatile athlete is certainly not lacking in either department.

What is also key to point out is Kinlaw fits the profile that the Irish coaching staff is looking for at corner – tall, athletic, and fast.

Rashard Kinlaw Highlights

Notre Dame Adding Seven, Maybe More, Early Enrollees Today


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  1. Fact checker 8 years ago

    Dude’s name is Rashad.

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  2. bC 8 years ago

    Looks good and sounds good but BK has to win more than 8 or 9 games hold on to these recruits … We’ll see

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  3. JC 8 years ago

    When all the usual early season chest-thumping begins, there is always a caveat to all this good news! The coaching staff must solidify their early success by securing all recruits on signing day and beyond due to recent disappointing last minute decommitments.

    Temper this with on field results for the past two years and there is an obvious landslide of work yet to be done. Not yearning to throw a wet blanket on early success but, we are experiencing the usual early success ND is noted for under most coaching staffs with a few exceptions of course.

    Feel good disarmament of words will not change the equation for ND football year three under Brian Kelly. Positive results on the field will. Hopefully, Brian Kelly’s mandated plan “B” will produce a better result than CW’s mandated plan “B.” Only the positive test of time will tell.

    Give me more wins!!! I remain cautiously optimistic. Go Irish!

    PS: IrishChan, really I’m not picking on you! You just triggered my
    thought process for 2012 ND football that’s all.

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    1. jack 8 years ago


      I agree with your analysis. If the Irish win this year than recruiting will take care of itself. I am not worried about corner as much as everyone else. This team needs to find a QB and get the offense straight. If I have to hear one more press conference from BK about how everyone is having trouble grasping it, I am going to scream. If that is the case BK needs to get it together and teach these QB’s. If ND doesn’t get solid QB play they will be 8-5 or 7-6 again.

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      1. JC 8 years ago

        Amen Jack!

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  4. IrishChan 8 years ago

    What a fantastic recruiting weekend!! Give me more Kelly.

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