Down the Stretch We Come – Remaining Offensive Targets

Gunner Kiel could be a linch pin recruit for Notre Dame this year that sets off a domino effect giving the Irish another strong close to the recruiting season. (Photo - AJ Mast/Icon SMI)

After two and a half months without any commitments, Notre Dame picked up a pick one yesterday from offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley.  Will Stanley’s commitment be what gets the ball rolling towards a strong finish?  We Notre Dame fans can only hope.

With Stanley on board, numbers are getting low.  We took a look at the numbers game earlier, now here’s a run down of who is left on the recruiting board on the offensive side of the ball.


  • Gunner Kiel – Stanley’s commitment may very well be the first domino that starts off a strong close to this year’s recruiting class, but if there’s one recruit whose commitment would be the biggest domino, it’s Kiel.’s #1 rated quarterback has had the Irish near the top of his radar since decommiting from Indiana in the fall but has yet to pull the trigger on a commitment to Notre Dame.  He is rumored to be down to Notre Dame and Vanderbilt, but as an early enrollment candidate, time is running out for the 5-star quarterback.  A commitment from Kiel could be just what the Irish need to get some of the remaining skill position players left on the board to jump on board as well.

It’s all or nothing at quarterback with Kiel and things have looked great for Notre Dame for a while here, but the longer this draws on, the more nervous Notre Dame fans are going to be about where Kiel ends up.  If Kelly can secure a commitment from Kiel in the near future, it really could set in motion a strong close to this year’s class.

Running Backs

  • Keivarae Russell – There aren’t any other true running backs remaining on the board for Notre Dame other than Russell so it’s really all or nothing when it comes to finding a complimentary back to big back Will Mahone who committed to Notre Dame back in September.  Washington appears to be Notre Dame’s toughest competition for Russell at this point.  He has already visited Notre Dame officially (USC weekend), and he visited Washington last weekend.  No timeline for a decision has been reported though.

Notre Dame would love to add a complimentary back in this class to Mahone, but right now it looks like that is anything but a given.  No new names have popped up at the position lately and while it’s always possible a new name could pop up ala Cam McDaniel last year, the numbers game this year could prevent that from happening.

Wide Receiver

  • Nelson Agholor – Outside of Kiel, Agholor is the highest rated prospect left on the board for Notre Dame and would be a huge addition to this year’s class. Notre Dame is in need of playmakers at the wide receiver position and the 5-star receiver is a legit home run threat at the position.  Notre Dame remains in the race here, but the Florida native also has instate Florida and Florida on the top of his list along with USC.  Agholor visited Florida last weekend even though the Gators are without an offensive coordinator after Charlie Weis left for the head coaching job at Kansas.  How Weis’s departure from Florida impacts Agholor’s recruitment is not clearly known yet.   A commitment from Kiel could really help the Irish with Agholor and the other remaining wide receivers on the board.
  • Jordan Payton – For a while it looked like Payton would be committing to Notre Dame, but lately it appears as though the California native has cooled on the Irish – especially after a strong official visit to Cal last weekend.  Once a USC commitment, Payton at one time appeared to favor Michigan as well so where Payton ends up is really anyone’s guess at this point.
  • Jordan Westerkamp – One of the newest offers sent out by the Irish coaching staff, Westerkamp, a Nebraska commitment, will visit Notre Dame officially and rumors are there is a strong chance he flips to Notre Dame while on his trip.   Westerkamp is a big, physical wide receiver.  He isn’t a home run threat like Agholor, but he is a guy who will move the chains and catch everything thrown his way.  Even if Westerkamp does commitment this weekend though, expect Notre Dame to continue to recruit Agholor at the very least at receiver.
  • Davonte Neal – Notre Dame impressed Neal on his official visit last weekend and have a legit chance to land the playmaking wide receiver.  Neal’s visit to South Bend last weekend was his first official visit anywhere and he only has one more scheduled (January 21 at Arkansas) according to his Rivals profile so look for his recruitment to drag on well into January.

Notre Dame already has commitments from three wide receivers in this year’s class with Deontay Greenberry, Justin Ferguson, and Chris Brown but with the departure of Michael Floyd and a real void of playmakers at this point at the position heading into next season Notre Dame will gladly add more to this year’s haul.  Westerkamp seems like the most likely at this point, but if the Irish can somehow sway Agholor or Neal to add another homerun threat to the class, Notre Dame will have done very, very well here this year.

Tight End

  • Tyler McNamara – McNamara visited Notre Dame already, but is still without an offer from the Irish coaching staff and as an early enrollment candidate, it appears as though one may not be coming.  Tyler Eifert deciding to leave for the NFL draft could change that in a hurry though.  Should Eifert leave for the NFL, Notre Dame would have some depth issues at the position and could likely extend an offer McNamara’s way.

Right now, it at least looks like the staff is content with not adding a tight end in this year’s class.  Hopefully that means they feel confident that Eifert will be returning for his senior season.

Offensive Line

  • Zach Banner – There hasn’t been much news on Banner in a while, but the Seattle Times still listed Notre Dame as one of Banner’s finalists as recently as this week so there is at least a little bit of hope here for Notre Dame.
  • Josh Garnett – The most likely addition along the offensive line, should the Irish land another lineman appears to be Garnett.  Garnett visited Notre Dame last weekend along with Ronnie Stanley and the two apparently hit it off while on the trip.  With Stanley committing to Notre Dame this week, Notre Dame’s chances of adding Garnett as well likely increased.

Adding Stanley to this year’s class earlier this week was huge for Notre Dame because it gives them three very good offensive linemen in this year’s class – Stanley, Mark Harrell, and Taylor Decker.  If Notre Dame is able to land one of the three linemen listed above, they will have done about as well as anyone could have hoped for this year.  Closing out this class with 4 offensive linemen would give Notre Dame 15 scholarship linemen (assuming Cave returns and not counting Jordan Cowart and Scott Daly as offensive linemen) giving them the luxury of a 3 deep along the offensive front – a luxury Notre Dame hasn’t enjoyed in quite some time.

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  1. Geoff G 6 years ago

    Looks like Davonte Neal stood up his Elementary School today and is not going to be making an announcement. He wants to attend Arizona and his father wants him to head to South Bend. I can only imagine that since Davonte Neal did not show up today to make his decision in his home state that it means he may be headed to South Bend. Kind of disappointing that he wasn’t mature enough to live up to his commitment today to announce his decision though.

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  2. new irish 6 years ago

    Just saw Fuller play in the state final in jersey. Kid sure is a player and makes 5 yards seem easy running the spread keep. He did throw one ball for a pick that was underthrown, and had one fumble i believe. Was the best player on the field.also got beat for the game winning touchdown in the corner of the endzone. Got turned around, looked bad in coverage. A better QB than DB. Would love him to be irish, good fit for our offense. Great athlete

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  3. C-Dog 6 years ago

    Aaron Taylor for offensive line coach.

    I hope they also get an equal repalcement for running backs coach.

    I also hope that Chuck Martin likes a little more smash mouth.

    Concerned but very hopeful.

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  4. ETXIRISH 6 years ago

    Is Tee Shepard Irish or Not? Is this kid doing this for attention or is he Irish?

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  5. Bj 6 years ago

    Shaq Thompson, kelly should be dropping by to see him, NOW, with lopu and father jenkins, this is how lou got us all those great recruits, he talked to their mothers and they loved him and believed in him, bettis, rice, brooks, the rocket, get off you a kelly

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    1. Ron 6 years ago

      I’m sure glad I paid attention in my english classes. Wow!

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      1. ETXIRISH 6 years ago

        +1. Lol.

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  6. JDH 6 years ago

    When someone automatically resorts to personal, ad hominem, internet attacks (just because of a football disagreement), it speaks volumes about that person.

    It’s silliness. I am one who is faaar from politically-correct and have made jokes here before that some people didn’t like. Oh well.

    But I do think we ALL should be more civil on these boards. Indeed, we all want the same things in the end.

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  7. Jack 6 years ago

    JC and others on this board,

    My comments above were uncalled for. I will not take personal shots at people and was wrong in some of my comments. I enjoy the spirited debate and respectively disagree with aome of yoy, but will stick to the facts and layoff the name calling.

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    1. JC 6 years ago

      No worries Jack,

      Like I said above, I enjoy some of your posts. In this diverse setting we are indeed limited to the written word,
      which sometimes can be easily interpreted many ways.

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      1. Jack 6 years ago

        Thanks, I agree the word is limited to express ones self.

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  8. JTRAIN 6 years ago


    I am frustrated just like everybody here but I will not take out the last 15+ years of frustation out on a coach thats been here two seasons. A coach that has brought in players we haven’t seen at nd in awhile. Guys like lynch, tuitt, atkinson, niklas, williams,etc. Hell lynch had more qb hurries this year than the entire team last year. Atkinson did what nobody has done since rocket. These players are very good. They are also very young. I don’t like “hey there is always next year” either but I knew this at the beginning of the season. Too many holes still needed filled. Now i think some of them are with more to come with another group of impressive guys coming in. Has anyone seen agholor’s highlights…wow speed speed and more speed. Greenbury looks like a star in the making. Very confident young man. Said he is going to come here compete and win the job. I like it….

    As always

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  9. SteelFanRob 6 years ago

    I think that one of the things that might help all of us here is if we just stick to the facts (at least as we see them!) and drop the ad hominem arguments. Let’s save our name-calling for those trolls from other schools that come to our discussion site. Losers!

    I know that I, too, have not been blameless on this account in the past. I believe I have apologized to C-Dog, JC, and others here with whom I’ve slung mud. Mea culpa!

    I think everyone here is very bright and sincerely love the Irish. I really do. Even those that I’ve disagreed with in the past I’ve learned from. It’s OK that we see things differently so long as in the end we want the same thing, namely, to see our beloved Irish on top again. Now, if you don’t want that, if you’re OK with ND becoming like Cubs, always talking about next season, then, no, we’ll never agree on that. But I really don’t think that they’re too many people like that here. At least I hope not!

    Like I said, this staff needs to regroup and keep all the current commitments while adding a few more key recruits. Just heard Shaq Thompson has dropped SC and replaced it with ND on his top 3. That would be a great get. Add in another top WR (Anghlor) plus another stud or two on D (Armstead) and ND will have another consensus top 10 recruiting class to build momentum for next season and beyond. Go get them BK and staff!!!

    Hail Notre Dame!

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    1. jack 6 years ago

      Steelfan Rob,

      I have had a difference of opinion with you and have no problem with that, but there is no need to take shots at people personally. JC is douche. I have no problem apologizing if I get out of line. I agree with your posts but am not going to let a tool like JC make stupid ass comments about people he doesn’t even know. I can bet you this much, if he saw me in a bar he wouldn’t be starting this shit.

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  10. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    So now you want to fire kelly cuz he yelled at a football player. You are real piece of work. My pet rock? Did you think of that all by yourself? You sound pretty insecure. Anybody that doesn’t see it your way must be stupid. Right?

    Speaking of having nothing to do with wins…what is yor real problem with kelly? It can’t all be about football. He hasn’t been the coach long enough to know whether he is as bad as you think or as good as i believe he is.

    _______ >>>>>enter some insult about being stupid. You’re predictable.

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  11. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    ITS BEEN 2 SEASONS!!!!!! Good god man. Losing 5 games consistently? You are talking like he has been for a decade.

    You don’t understand football. This isn’t the nfl? You just made my point. You have put this staff on an nfl timetable for winning.

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    1. JC 6 years ago

      Kelly’s harmonious mouth put himself on notice which has nothing to do with winning games.

      YOU JUST MADE MY POINT! I know you don’t want to acknowledge ND protocol.

      Further, Kelly was hired to win BCS BOWLS NOW not to develop a science project!

      Go argue with your pet rock your boring.

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  12. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    If I’m right though* haha i should really double check be4 submitting haha

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    1. JC 6 years ago


      Go back to your beer and chips. You really don’t understand Notre Dame. This is’nt the NFL.

      There is more to being a winning HC at Notre Dame than just winning games. You will learn eventually character does matter at ND.

      Hmmm…can you say George O’Leary?

      BK is now on a short rope for his ATTITUDE as well as losing 5 games a year consistanly.

      But hey, it’s America! Just keep believing in this CLASSLESS PRIMA DONNA! Who just got reprimanded for his nation wide display of RAGE against TJ Jones with ZERO remorse.

      Without question, a documented reprimand is a serious issue on your work record. Real ammunition for grounds to terminate employment without bias.

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  13. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    Ok defense gives up 20.8 pts a game…BUT the offense turns the ball over more than all but 8 teams in the country. 15 i believe occur on our side of the 50. Most of those coming from the qb. Rees can not run so he in turn tries to make a play and makes a bad read or hangs on to the ball too long. This leads to my question. Did we honestly have a qb on our roster THIS season that would have won more than 8 games? I don’t believe so.

    The defense actually did very well for the positions that our offense consistently put them in.

    Look guys in the end i want exactly what you do but i actually do understand how far the progra m has fallen. Which is exactlythe reason for my plea of patience. I know its hard guys but we were not a good team when bk was hired which is why this will take some time.

    15-27 over the previous 3 seasons. Kelly has 16 in two years. They are improving. Maybe not as fast as you would like but they are. Give coach some time. If he is still going 8-5 in his 4th and 5th years i will be right back here eating every ounce of crow i deserve. But i’m right though…will you do the same?

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  14. Bj 6 years ago

    kelly has to get on a plane and get these last great prospects now and take father jenkins with him or lou holtz, if you want to win you try everything.

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  15. Bj 6 years ago

    the thing about the grades is called the ideology of failure. stanford a much tougher school to get into to kicked our ass. there are thousands of smart football players who can get us to a national championship!

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    1. JTRAIN 6 years ago


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  16. Bj 6 years ago

    “The defense has given up less than 21 points (20.8)in consecutive years for the first time in a decade.” no shutouts. if you like that then you do not understand how low nd football has fallen. no great team, no great team gives up 21 pts a game.” 1993 average give up was 17.9 pts per game and we had 2 shutouts. alabama just gave up 8.3 pts per game this year. i just never saw the bone rushing tackles, i never saw a swarming defense in the stanford or usc games, i saw us intimidated by stanford!, imagine what lsu or alabama would have done to us; i saw that zone defense lose so many games, where was the hard ass man to man coverage, if you believe you can win you can. that zone defense put us in the penalty box from the getgo. its about intimidation, and we have been on the wrong side of that for too long, remember the catholics verus convicts game, where tony rice kicked ass. you gotta believe.

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  17. ETXIRISH 6 years ago

    Am I missing some info on ND but I read somewhere(can’t remember) online that ND is going to lower the grade requirements to get into ND. If I remember correctly it was just for football only. Did anybody else read this or is this a total lie I read? I want to believe it but at the same time why would they lower the requirements only for football and not other sports? Any info would help me out guys because I keep reading by us users that ND can’t get any good talent because of the grades needed to get into school.

    GO IRISH!!!

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  18. Bj 6 years ago

    or 1988 defense nd gave up 156 pts in twelve games, 13 pts per game, no shutouts,but a national championhsip, not 21 pts a game, diaco cannot get us there, and we had 6 all american candidates, including stonebreaker. where ia the recruiting?????

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  19. JTRAIN 6 years ago


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  20. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    Jc and bj are you guys the same person by any chance? Wow you guys piss and moan the exact same way. Fire everybody! We should fire swarbrick and just name you two co-AD’s. You seem to have all the answers. The Chicken Little stuff is getting old. The defense has given up less than 21 points in cosecutive years for the first time in decade. Yes 20 points a game is still too much but damn let them get their guys in here. If you can’t see the difference between their guys and the weis guys than you are blind.

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    1. JC 6 years ago


      Yeah we’re the same on Championship Football!

      We know it when we see it!

      And long before you where dragging a diaper “Junior!”

      Don’t like our posts? Go read somebody elses. Be my guest!

      By the way, we already know your from the mediocre club!
      So get over it!

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  21. Bj 6 years ago

    recruting is a mess in 1966 nd had twelve all american candidates.
    Nick Eddy, Jim Lynch, Tom Regner, Alan Page, Peter Duranko, Kevin Hardy, Jim Seymour, Paul Seiler, George Goeddeke, Tom Shoen, Larry Conjar, Terry Hanratty, how many did we have this year?

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  22. Bj 6 years ago

    lets see what a real defense looks like: alabama: kent state W 48-7 — Sat, Sep 10 at (23) Penn State W 27-11 — Sat, Sep 17 North Texas W 41-0 — Sat, Sep 24 (14) Arkansas W 38-14 — Sat, Oct 1 at (12) Florida W 38-10 — Sat, Oct 8 Vanderbilt W 34-0 — Sat, Oct 15 at Mississippi W 52-7 — Sat, Oct 22 Tennessee W 37-6 — Sat, Nov 5 (1) LSU L 6-9 — Sat, Nov 12 at Mississippi State W 24-7 — Sat, Nov 19 Georgia Southern W 45-21 — Sat, Nov 26 at Auburn W 42-14

    alabama gave up 103 pts in 12 games for an average of 8.3 pts per game, not diaco’s 21, and they had 2 shut outs. in 1966 notre dame gave up 38 pts in 10 games. 3.8 pts per game and had 6 shutouts. diaco is a joke.

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  23. Bj 6 years ago

    swarbrick’s last chance before damnation:

    “Before long, …the rumors of Nick Saban leaving Alabama will once again surface. Coach Saban had only been at Alabama one season before the rumors of his departure started. First, it was that he was interested in leaving Alabama for Notre Dame.

    From there, it progressed. Rumors have linked coach Saban to the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans. I remember driving down the road, just outside of Nashville, listening to a local radio host. The host declared he had inside information that Nick Saban had secretly accepted the position of head coach with the Titans weeks earlier.”

    where there is smoke there is fire!

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  24. Bj 6 years ago

    Penn State has been searching for a replacement for the 85- year-old Paterno, who was fired in November following his handling of child sex-abuse allegations against former Nittany Lions assistant Jerry Sandusky.

    Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak, a former offensive lineman at Penn State, was the top choice of the search committee, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said on Dec. 28. Munchak told reporters the next day he has no interest in leaving the NFL, though ESPN said on Dec. 31 that he was reconsidering. The Titans were eliminated from postseason contention yesterday.

    Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements, a former All-American at the University of Notre Dame, was also on the committee’s list of candidates, according to the Post-Gazette.

    O’Brien, 42, is in the final year of his contract with the Patriots. He took over as New England’s offensive coordinator this season after two seasons as quarterbacks coach and one year as wide receivers coach. Before entering the NFL, O’Brien was a college assistant at Georgia Tech, Maryland and Duke.

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  25. Ron 6 years ago

    I just read where BK made some adjustments to his coaching staff. I’m shocked he didn’t promote his special teams coach, whoever that is. WOW!

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    1. JC 6 years ago

      So much for his internal promotion BS and self-assuring diatribe the other day. BK must be feeling some heat; Gee, I wonder why? How could this be? Mr. TWO TURNOVERS A GAME COACH OF THE YEAR that is never wrong? Changes? Seriously, Ron, you got to be pulling my leg? Hahahahahah.

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      1. Ron 6 years ago

        JC, just being sarcastic. Our special teams (mainly our punt return team) was about as miserable as it gets. 3 yards the whole YEAR. What a joke, but BK probably thought his special teams coach is good since he didn’t do a damn thing about it. We could have had a team of senior citizens get more than 3 yards. My gosh Kelly get a grip!

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      2. JC 6 years ago

        Amen Ron,

        Refreshing, you expect something for our millions!

        Maybe we will get a walk on that can fall forward 4 yards with their arms stretched!

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      3. Ron 6 years ago

        Or maybe a taller return guy and get us 5 yards. Lol. Haahahahah

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  26. Bj 6 years ago

    diaco gets promoted because the defense gives up 21 pts a game, and has no shutouts? the press release says the best defense in a few years, the reality is one of the the worse defenses in two decades. its just business pr not true grit. maybe they will turn the grotto into a mcdonalds.

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  27. Bj 6 years ago

    class of 1970, i know great football when i see it. kelly has a long long record of winning; but something is wrong here. the execution, the penalties, the turnovers, no punt returns, no punter, no defense. an offense that alternates between grind it out and dropped passes. the confidence was never instilled the legacy of never ever giving up is gone. it will take a genius and a miracle, like paresghian, holtz or devine, were. nick saban, chris petersen, urban meyer, bobby petrino, les miles, sean mcdermott/eagles, dom capers/packers or a guy who says he will make it happen and does, mike macarthy/packers. they let too many great players get away. look at lou, jerome bettis, reggie brooks, tony rice, the rocket, they need a lou holtz type as an athletic director of football, or general manager, a bobby beathard type. i could live with kelly another season but diaco has to go. there is no defense.

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    1. JC 6 years ago


      For me, it’s all about BK’s miserable leadership attitude for there is NOT a humble bone in his body.

      I like how TEO had to be involved in the post game pressor FSU loss at!

      Did Holtz ever drag in any of his players for an EXCUSE of why we lost??

      Did you see the look on Teo’s face? His expression looked like: Oh, by the way Teo, thanks for staying your senior year! What a slap in the face! I’m sure Teo was probably thinking this. But then again, Teo is a REAL CLASS-ACT so maybe not.

      This is exactly why there is no Team Chemistry whatsoever!
      And it is very obvious!

      THE BK RECENT BLAME GAME: 1st whining in the media about his inherited players and NOW using them as a shield WHEN WE LOSE??

      HOW LOW-CLASS are we willing to accept at Notre Dame? Just tell me BK fans, is this the “NEW NORMAL” for the University of Notre Dame?

      Clearly, this is not what I was taught at ND. I’m sure all the BK RKG’s want the same treatment by being lined-up, and asked why we lost the FSU game in the NATIONAL MEDIA!


      Yeah, keep it in the family BK and I hope you ride the shoe-leather-express out of South Bend SOON!

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      1. jack 6 years ago


        When is it okay to hold your players accountable for not preforming. I am sure BK goes over ball security, assignments and how to read a defense. If the players don’t execute ultimately it is on them. Do you want his press conferences to sound like Andy Reid’s of Philly. It’s my fault, i need to better prepare them. That is the problem with the country coddling of kids. I guess in film study he shouldn’t point out a wrong route or missed block or the fact that they aren’t doing what he coached them to do. Bottom line he screwed around with the QB position which has put him in this situation. Rees was the wrong call and pulling Crist after a half was stupid. Rees isn’t a team leader and the problem with the chemistry is the fact that the team feels Dayne got the shaft, which he did. He needs to stop screwing around with the QB position, name a starter and move on.

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      2. JC 6 years ago

        Jack you must be a misguided thirty something kid, you missed the whole point!!

        It’s OK to reprimand your players JUST NOT IN PUBLIC!!!!

        BK does NOT even live by his own BS “IT STAYS IN THE FAMILY!”

        BK is still utilizing the media to demoralize the CW guys PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I know you don’t get it!

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      3. jack 6 years ago


        First of all don’t call me a misguided 30 something. I don’t ever take a shot personally at anyone on this board. Second, it was okay when Holtz used to grab players by the face mask and scream at them on the sidelines. Look at the tape and see how Holtz ripped into his players. People like you are the reason this program sucks. Get a clue if you keep firing coaches every two years no one will want to coach at ND because the fan base is a bunch of morons. It has been 10 yrs of suck coaches, Davie, Willingham and Weis. Also, Holtz’s last year wasn’t that great either. Do I think BK is the guy, I’m not sure but at least honor the dam contract and see. I would love to go back to 2008 and see how many of you guys were screaming for BK. That is all this board was Brian Kelly, we need Brian Kelly. Who is it now Great Wiseman. Tell us. None of your guys has named a coach other than Urban Meyer and guess what he doesn’t want to deal with the University that is why he turned the job down. Last year at this time everyone was in love with BK. He made one decision that screwed the season, benching Dayne Crist.

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      4. JC 6 years ago


        Get a life, I’ve been continuously promoting Holtz for a comeback right before Willingham. READ THE POSTS!!

        Furthermore, there is a HUGE difference in a teaching monment on the side line vs being a total JACKASS:

        1. Holtz would indeed grab players by the face mask and scream. However, you left out the patt on the ass to let the player know he was’nt over the top mad. Not to mention ZERO profanity used! It was a real teaching moment period. That is why his players respected him unlike BK!

        2. BK on the other hand, demonstrated his genious modus operandi by turning violent purple screaming and using vicious profanity! Guess what pal, GO WATCH IT ON UTUBE IT WENT VIRAL!!

        Yeah, Holtz was’nt that great!
        Only a .774 winning percentage and a National Title. Bad real Bad!

        Oh by the way……..go back to 2008 and you’ll find I was promoting Lou not BK. I like to throw out Meyer because BleedND82 loves him. Are you his second trolling attack handle?

        Sorry you lost your buddy CW!

        Correction only the mediocre crowd was happy with 8-5 including you!

        Hey Jack if you don’t like my posts then go read someone elses. However, I do find your posts entertaining! And yes a lot of your posts suck also!

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      5. jack 6 years ago


        Did you also forget about the book Tarnish Dome under Holtz. How steriod use was rampant at ND during his tenure. I am sick of you shit, your an idiot. Have you watched Lou Holtz on ESPN he is a babbling idiot. Look at the coordinators he had during his tenure at ND and the coaches he had. It wasn’t all Holtz. Finally and this will be the last time I address your post, you are a real internet tough guy. You love being a prick to people and taking personal shots at people. It is easy to be a hard ass when it is over a computer. I will continue to post and will continue to call you a moron when you spout stupid shit. Go back to 1988 and live because the college football world has changed and you are to blind and stupid to see that.

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  28. Bj 6 years ago

    part two, [art one was the hoirrid defense fire diaco, part two turnovers,
    the offense ended up turning the ball over a total of 29 times. That’s 111th worst in the country, which means only nine other teams are worse than them in that department. fire kelly. start over. 8-5, 8-5, duh!

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    1. jack 6 years ago


      Who do you want them to hire and how many years to they get to turn the program around. All I heard on this board three years ago was fire Weis and hire Brian Kelly. He is now the coach and all I hear is fire him. Your boy Urban Meyer isn’t coming to ND. When things don’t go right at Ohio State he will have another fake heart attack and go back to ESPN. I want you to play Swarbrick since your so smart and tell this board who the next coach should be, how long they should get and how you are going to pay two coaches that are no longer coaching for your school and the current coach. Plus, as ND loves to fire coaches after a couple of years who the hell wants the job.

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      1. JC 6 years ago

        We need an adult HC, not a whining little twerp that is constantly passing the buck and blaming his players for his shortcomings.

        The obvious choice is LOU HOLTZ to straighten out this mess. Somebody with “REAL CLASS” and “MORAL CHARACTOR” THAT REPRESENTS “THE ND WAY.” PERIOD!!

        Oh yeah, I AREADY know you don’t agree on JS with me.

        However, all you CW/BK lovers demand an answer so there you go with my compliments!

        FEAST ON IT!

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      2. jack 6 years ago


        Really, Lou Holtz! He did a bang up job at South Carolina. He really had them in contention. Stop living in the past. Holtz wouldn’t take the job now anyways, remember when they tightened the standards he left. He would be able to get in Ricky Watters, Zorich or Rice under new standards.

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      3. JC 6 years ago

        Like you say Jack, I disagree completely with your assessment.

        You really don’t know Lou very well:

        A. He’s younger than Jo Pa.

        B. He loves Notre Dame.

        C. He’s still breathing!

        Tell Holtz he’s in the Past! Good luck with that one.

        D. He’s available if ND

        is interested in winning with CLASS. If you follow Lou, ND is the only place he would return to if asked.

        E. He’s still relevant or

        would not be on ESPN.

        F. The option is still

        relevant in college football.

        G. Lou would recruit circles

        around BK on name alone.

        H. He’s a highly sought

        after motivational speaker.
        BK would be in a homeless shelter on that one!

        I. Stop living in the past?

        All the CANDY STRIPER coaches we have had since Holtz, WILL NOT accomplish 1/10 of what Lou could due for us TODAY period!!!

        You want to live in the past support Bob Davie at New Mexico!! Don’t tell me about living in the past.

        Most of you WeeNee coach supporters are living in the TWILIGHT ZONE.

        Wake up ND Nation and bring back a REAL ND COACH while there’s still time for Lou.

        OK, Jack start beating the drums now for LOU HOLTZ!! Man-up! If you really love ND!

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      4. C-Dog 6 years ago

        Aaron Taylor, I’d like to see him on staff.

        For all you young guys getting un glued about the mention of Holtz, realize this.

        It’s not Holtz the man we want, but a coach who emulates his best qualities.

        I want the coach to do a few things that Holtz could do.

        1. Motivate players 365 days and in all apsects of life.

        2. Psychologically prepare players for game day.

        3. Keep players focused on improvement in the off season.

        4. Hold assistants accountable for their part in the mentoring process.

        5. Get the team to believe in Notre Dame, and itself as a team, forgetting the “brand” crap

        6. Game day adjustments. Holtz fired Foge Fazio for doing exactly what the entire Kelly staff seems to do, having a rigid game plan that couldn’t be adjusted due to conditions on the field.

        7. Get the players scared of themselves not the coach. Holtz scared players into falling in line, but that was just a start. In the end, he instilled ownership among the players that they would never give less than their best because to do so would mean not living up to their potential. Each player knew that to look in the mirror and say his family name required no regrets. The coach is there to cause the players to own it. Not own it himself.

        I don’t want Lou back because he is too old. He did his time and they screwed him in the end. They are paying the price.

        I do want someone with his qualities.

        I’m not holding my breath anymore however. Notre Dame needs to find itself again. I am not sure that is possible. It isn’t the poor Catholic school rising up, but is a rich man’s elite scholl struggling to be Catholic. That is directly related to the fall of the football program and all the arguing about a coach or player won’t change it.

        I am concerned about Kelly and his staff. But at least they are respectable. I am not satisfied. However, Kelly and everyone hired since Holtz has viewed Notre Dame as a “program” or a “brand”, as if the link to a religious cause wasn’t there. Until the commitment to EVERYTHING Notre Dame is about is there, the football program probably won’t succeed without becoming like the bad cheating programs. I hope that day never comes. I’ll root for St. Johns in Minnesota if that ever happens.

        Let’s hope Kelly shows us something in 2012 that we haven’t seen. Or that in 3 to 5 years someone committed to the Old Notre Dame emerges.

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  29. C-Dog 6 years ago

    I was very disappointed by what I saw on the field the other night. Some great plays, of course by Floyd. The defense was good, with flashes of greatness. I feel bad for Rees but the fact is, he is not the answer. Every pass into the end zone was an interception. Yes, Floyd’s amazing catch looked more like an interception if he hadn’t grabbed it away from the defender. Rees has some sort of mental block and that cannot be easily fixed. I also am concerned about how Kelly game plans. The coaching staff does not adjust well in a game and they either have it going in or they don’t.

    But here is what really concerns me. Holtz could make you fear him but you also loved the guy and wanted to play for him. He mentally had his teams looking to win, not looking back waiting for him to explode. Kelly looks like an overbearing pop-warner dad. The players really look like they expect to disappoint the coach, and too foten they do.

    How does Notre Dame overcome bad sports psychology when the coach thinks he’s always right?

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  30. D-Train 65 6 years ago

    Hey Shazamrock love to hear your thoughts on Irish game vs Noles. So how did that “kelly would rather win with class then style work out for you?” Sure glad he started Turnover to get us off to a quick lead on those guys. Having Turnover come in for Hendrix after he drove us down the field with his running and throwing only to pass on first down and goal was another great call by BK the master. Replace the guy getting the team down the field with the leader in turnovers for the year in BCS and then calling a pass play on first and goal for another pick Pure Genius. Rees TD to Floyd was intercepted by FSU and Floyd managed to take the ball away for the TD and then got speared by helmet on the tackle which led to his game injury with a half left. Rees completed his sterling nights work with another throw into double coverage and then the falling down to avoid getting tackled effort when rushed by ONE FSU defender who never had to lay a hand on YOUR BOY. Well now we wait to Sept vs Navy and Kelly announces Turnover will start as he has game experience over other two guys. Presto the majority of the UND fan base like myself instantly decide to take up gardening rather then watch another season of Picks and Fumbles as well as falling down to avoid sacks or throwing into triple coverage to one primary receiver OVER and OVER again. But best part for me is watching Kelly lose it on sidelines time and time and time again when HIS BOY TOMMY STUFFS IT UP FOR THE 20TH time of the year Happy New Year.

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  31. C-Dog 6 years ago

    Didn’t see anything for the bowl game.


    Go Irish!!! Beat Criminoles!!!

    Beating any Florida team is like winning the war on drugs. I hope our guys don’t even respond to any of that hoodie smack crap. Football was a better sport before it went ghetto. ND still represents a mentality that raises kids out of that and sets a higher standard. Not sure what FSU represents. I would like to see the ratio of NCAA sanctions to National Championships for each team posted somewhere.

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    1. JC 6 years ago

      Amen C-dog,

      I hope the team and Rees get off to fast start and don’t look back.

      On the above post, your exactly right about the spread offense. I’m not a big fan of it and the formation is indeed a simple spread out and beat us one on one. Take what the defense gives you attitude; simple.

      As for the QB it is a half baked so called hybrid of staying in the pocket coupled with some designed option football.

      So most talented QB’s can run it efficiently. But alot of HC’s can and do get caught up in their own modifications and definition. And some like Rich Rod use it as an excuse for poor teaching skills.

      You definately have to be an outstanding football teacher and motivator to make things happen “EARLY!”

      I’m sure you remember as I do, Ara inherited a 2-7 team. Amazingly enough, “Ara was only a minute and 13 seconds away from an undefeated season and a National Championship his 1st year at ND!!!

      I hope you and your family have a great New Years!


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  32. terry 6 years ago

    Kiel announced for LSU

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    1. ETXIRISH 6 years ago

      I’m kind of glad Kiel didn’t commit to ND. I think had he it would have complicated the ND qb situation.

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      1. joey d 6 years ago

        should have recruited this kid out of chicago

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  33. B-dub 6 years ago

    Hey I just went to Keivarae Russells Facebook page and it says this exactly:

    Can I borrow a CAL & Notre Dame Hat plz (not a beanie lol) ?? =}

    Thank you somebody(s) ^_^

    Remember he is deciding between Washington and ND. I wonder if his little joke was a preview of his decision.

    GO ND!

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  34. JTRAIN 6 years ago

    I don’t know about this kiel kid. Just not blown away. Great arm but how many have we seen over the years.Now it appears we are back in the mix for this devin fuller kid. Now that kid I am impressed with. His highlights on youtube look like he is either playing against kids that run 7 sec 40’s or he is close to a 4.2. Just leavin people. Just the kind of athelete we need at qb for this offense.


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  35. spiceyirish 6 years ago

    Dayne Crist sounds like he has made it official that he is transferring to Kansas next fall. He has said it via twitter

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    1. joey d 6 years ago

      Looks like he and Jake Heaps will be the next back up qb’s that charlie weiss will develop after running the Florida offense into the ground!! YOU DA MAN CHUCK!!!

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  36. Irish 6 years ago

    Can Shaz and D Train please get under the mistletoe and hug it out.

    Go Irish!

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  37. terry 6 years ago

    Merry Christmas guys and gals – can we let up on the nasty for a few days?


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  38. Ron 6 years ago

    I just watched a special on ESPN recruiting. They were talking to Irish recruit Tee Shepard. What an impressive young man! He is hearing impaired but reads lips very well. Wants to be an engineer. He has overcome a lot of people who make fun of him and he is so motivated to be the best. It brought a tear to my eyes just listening to him. Notre Dame is getting a tremendous athelete and even a finer young man. Can’t wait till he gets here.

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  39. D-Train 65 6 years ago

    Gidday again Shazamrock My My you really do seem to have some anger mgmt. issues. You also seem to know bloggers like me personally so must be clairvoyant by your judgement of my character. Well actually Genius re: “making a man out of me” I played college baseball and basketball Professional basketball in Australia for 12 years and Australian Rules football for 7 (no pads just 18 guys going at it hammer and tongs and no excuse me’s) I am 6’6 and 220 lbs and really would not “piss myself I am sure if you wanted to Take shot at me”. Like all UND fans I too woould like to see them return to Winning but do not class 8-5 records as accomplishing that. So let me get this straight if BK goes 8-5 every year he in your book is Bear Bryant and it doesn’t matter how he gets those 8 wins per year is that right. Regarding “CLASS” I will let the other readers of your comments judge me on that based on my comments compared to yours. Perhaps one of the old sayings regarding Class that might be most appropriate to you re your language would be “You’ve got as much class as a rat with a gold tooth.” Have a good day.

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    1. Shazamrock 6 years ago

      I know bloggers like you all too well.

      You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

      I really had no issue with your point about 8-5 seasons or too many turnovers.

      It’s about the name calling of 18,19 & 20 year olds.

      Student Atheletes.

      These are our kids, our guys, our players.

      Yeah, they didn’t win as mush as we would have liked, but they never quit on themselves, each other, or their coaches.

      They deserve better than what you heaped on them.

      For someone who played professional sports, you should know better.

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      1. D-Train 65 6 years ago

        You need to spend more time on your spelling lessons Shaz.. eg mush is actually much. Regards my comments on student athletes (not Atheletes there is that spelling problem again)my only comments were in regard to BK and TR (I am beginning to think your President of their 2 fan clubs the way you defend both of them. If your getting paid MILLIONS of dollars you need to perform so that covers BK’s 2 8 victory seasons. Re: TR he is the QB at ND and if he isn’t big enough to get the job done then he should step aside and give another QB the reins. He could have told BK when we were up 49-14 vs Navy to give Crist or Hendrix some playing time in Case they may be needed in the future eg Kind of looking out for what is in the best interests of UND not T Rees. My “original” comment reply was aimed at guys like you who Personally Attack anyone with an opinion differing from yours. Your the one who began with the “back assed point of view” and Crap comment etc. If you want to just state your opinion that is what is welcome. If you have to make personal attacks on other bloggers opinions then you need to find some other way to VENT your frustrations. Look fwd to MAYBE hearing from you following FSU game if it finishes like a Pitt/Michigan/USC/Stanford/Tulsa/ game MSU/NAVY 10′ game. Merry Xmas

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      2. Shazamrock 6 years ago


        Why can’t you just say it was a mistake for you to verbally attack a 20 yr. old student athlete with name calling, who is doing the best he can for the team?

        Is that really so hard for you to do?

        If you had done that, you might have salvaged some respect for your self.

        Think about it this way… if it was YOUR son who was in Tommy Rees shoes, how would you feel about your name calling?

        All of our players go through a hell of a lot in the class room, in practice, and on game day for our viewing pleasure.

        Is it really too much to ask that we show them a level of decency and respect worthy of their self sacrifice, dedication, and effort?

        If you want to criticize his play, fine. But leave out the name calling. It does no one any good… including yourself.

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  40. Drew S 6 years ago

    Westerkamp is Irish

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  41. pete 6 years ago

    No doubt Keil would be a welcome addition. In watching Notre Dame this year, in my opinion the 2 big problems were the special teams and the quarterback. Notre Dame I believe has very good to elite talent at the other positions. Looking at the 4 games Notre Dame lost if you switched the quarterbacks in those games Notre Dame wins. Barkley much better than Reese/ Crist. Luck much better than Reese/ Hendricks. Denard Robinson much better than Reese and BJ Daniels better than Crist/Reese.

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  42. D-Train 65 6 years ago

    Very Informative article and timely with most fans “wondering” where the blue chippers still left might wind up. I think Kiel’s procrastination may be a result of Kelly once again making noises about why he wants to stick to Rees for bowl game. If ND were to win ( a longggggggg shot in my opinion with Turnover the cigar store indian dumping off the ball as soon as any FSU lineman gets withing 5 yds of him) then that would once again give BK ammunition for next Sept to start Rees. Kelly has shown in his first 2 yrs that his only driving thought is to get a W. Even if we were to have beaten Maryland or BC 3-0 with Rees having a QB Rating of under 30 Kelly would have pointed to his W-L record as “justification” for playing him. If Hendrix or Crist had been played throughout the year when Rees was “stinking” up the game eg vs Pitt or when up 49-14 in the 3rd qtr vs Navy then we would have seen how truly INEPT and GUTLESS Rees is. After the first hit in Stanford game he was “wetting himself” every time a Stanford defender looked like getting to him for a sack and dumped the ball to anyone just to keep from getting hit. Crist comes back for 2 major surgeries and still runs with the ball to get important ydg and yet we have no place for him. Hendrix with virtually no playing time shows vs Air Force he can be what we need and Presto Kelly consigns him to the taxi squad again rather then play him and prove that selecting Rees was totally wrong decision. Kiel will not want to come to UND with a possible Tommy is our man scenario and Golson and Hendrix “WAITING” in the line for the scraps. V’bilt looks like the spot for him to start in Sept and play for 4 yrs eg Matt Barkley like career. I think rest of the off prospects all stay home to play (Armstead may be an exception if he sees a chance to play bball right now as Irish devoid of any size in this years squad).
    I would not be surprised if at the last minute Kelly hands out some rides to 3 star guys or brings back more 5th years to cover up that he did not have a last minute flourish like last year with Lynch/Tuitt/Williams etc.

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    1. JC 6 years ago

      Amen D-Train 65,

      And why would BK want another prostyle QB when we just kicked one out the door?

      Maybe BK loves the new Rees shotgun domaflicky screen-speader offense??

      However, a .640 winning percentage at ND won’t last long for BK.

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      1. C-Dog 6 years ago

        Crist? I’d say Crist was as able for the spread as Drew Brees.

        Someone please explain to me what defines a Pro-style QB versus a spread QB.

        Other than mobility, what is it?

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      2. JC 6 years ago

        It’s called whatever style of offense a QB is trained on. Pretty simple. Our friend CW was considered a prostyle offensive attack head coach.

        You know very well CW labeled Crist a prostyle QB. And Jimmy Clausen too. On the otherhand, Crist was indeed talented enough to run the spread superior to Rees; since Crist won the FALSE QB derby!

        More importantly, the Top 25 teams do not have a QB that turns the ball over almost every game.

        One fact remains, you don’t win Championships turning the ball over efficiently at the QB position PERIOD.

        Furthermore, until we resolve the QB TURNOVER PROBLEM at the wonderful QB position; The Champs “LINGERIE” bowl is the only bowl we will be attending like it or not.

        It is interesting some people consider .640 winning percentage acceptable MEDIOCRITY.

        Anyone interested in my Ara Paseghian Championship diatribe?

        I started watching ND Championship Football in 1964 when I was 12. Two losses was considered a bad year and three a TOTAL FAILED SEASON; get my driff!

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      3. JC 6 years ago


        Detailed answer on the Spread Offense vs Prostyle (Pocket QB).

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      4. JC 6 years ago

        Also C-Dog,

        You do remember, CW utilized Zone Slant Offensive Blocking for his ProStyle offensive attack (to protect his QB) vs One on One Blocking used for Smash-Mouth-Run-The-Ball offensive blocking.

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      5. C-Dog 6 years ago

        So I get the offense in general. I also get that the offensive line potentially does different things.
        But other than general mobility, why couldn’t a QB play in either offense? I heard Chris Collins remark the other night that other than jargon, football is really simple because football players aren’t always the smartest guys.

        So I guess I see that a QB needs to callout blocking assignments by reading the defense, and then either hand off or prepare to read the coverage and pass the ball.

        I don’t see that a QB out of highschool should be classified as spread or pro. They are too young and football is not complex enough that a QB couldn’t succeed in either style. Only mobility helps a QB in the spread.

        FYI, spread QBs don’t last in the pros without getting hurt.

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    2. Shazamrock 6 years ago

      “Kelly has shown in his first 2 yrs that his only driving thought is to get a W.”

      That’s the only sentence in the entire pile of crap of a post that makes any sence

      Wins ARE justification.

      That’s the whole freakin point!

      That’s why they play the games.

      That’s why a coach goes with the players that HE feels gives the team the best chance of winning.

      Can’t believe I’m even addressing this backassed twisted point of view.

      Want football that is ALWAYS pleasing to the eye? Watch the friggin lingerie Bowl!

      And Kelly WOULD take another prostyle QB because this isn’t the NFL where you draft what you need.

      You have to recruit the best talent available that fits within the ND frame work and who gives your team the best chance at winning regardless of their style.

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      1. C-Dog 6 years ago

        Right on, Shazamrock!!

        I have to say, I rarely worry about who they get other than to see if it is balanced to grab good defensive guys as well. I might like to see slightly larger cornerbacks.

        But the reality is that if everything is working right, one player doesn’t get noticed for being the weak link.

        All this QB talk kind of sickens me. If the coaches have created the right environment, then the QB doesn’t matter much. Consider that Kirk Cousins is about the same as Tommy Rees in terms of mobility. Yet, MSU almost made the Rose Bowl and should be in the Sugar Bowl. They also went 10-3 and made their conferenc championship. Consider that Kevin McDougal guided the Irish to a one loss season in which 39 points and a lead weren’t quite enough to save another National Championship. Consider Tony Rice went nowhere after ND. Consider that Alabama’s QB while solid isn’t looked at as a superstar.

        The ND program will reach the peak when ALL the pieces to the puzzle are in place. Some will have players who fit their role and play with more heart. Who over achieve. But ND will never reach the pinnacle until the coaches mentor leadership on the field, in training and practice, and in the classroom. They need to be family, not employees to the CEO.

        I’ll be optimistic about the next step when I see evidence of the team as a family.

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      2. jack 6 years ago

        C-dog and Shazamrock,

        BK needs to fill in pieces that were not there when he came. QB is only one piece. The problem is CW didn’t recruit to needs more to stars. That is a problem. You need to look at the team and evaluate what you are missing. CW couldn’t do that, he relied more on Rivals Star rating than on actual needs of his team. ND was so depleted a LB that they converted a running back to play OLB. That is sad when that occurs. I like BK’s recruting philosophy of building a defense and not just going after talent. He recruited front seven talent last year and now is trying to build a secondary. He has proven he can win with average talent on offense, but you need a defensive philosphy and fill in the holes with recruiting classes. CW didn’t do that and it cost him. BK will be fine. I am not a fan by Tommy as a QB, but if he wins and the team wins so be it.

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      3. Shazamrock 6 years ago


        Fill in the pieces, & evaluate what you are missing?
        I like that.

        How about this missing piece… punt returns?

        Here are the most woeful states ever for this team.

        3 yards in punt returns.

        That’s not the “average” per punt return.

        That’s the TOTAL YARDAGE for the season. 3 yards!

        John Goodman has 5 yards this season in punt returns.

        Theo Riddick has a minus -2.

        ND has far too much talent for a measly 3 yards.

        Hell, they should be able to put Louis Nix back on punt returns and do better than 3 yards for the season.

        I really don’t know who the special teams coach is, but he should be gone.
        Someone actually got paid to do that job!

        Riddick was supposed to be the answer, but in my opinion, has been nothing short of a major disappointment.

        He Can’t, or won’t block.(see the Stanford game) Drops too many balls. Won’t return punts. And is always hurt.

        Maybe if he grows a pair over the summer he will do better next year.

        Then agian, maybe one of these incoming freshmen will take his job away.

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      4. jack 6 years ago


        He evaluated and felt that Riddick could do it. Riddick choked in the first game, you don’t know what you have until game time. He tried both freshman and they were fumbling balls left and right. Maybe this year he gets a Darby or someone else to go in there and return a punts or develop Atkinson. I think it was an oversight of Kelly that cost him. Also, Ruffer and the punter having a horrible first half killed. Overall I am happy with the progress of the program and look forward to these questions being answered.

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      5. D-Train 65 6 years ago

        I never ceased to be amazed when people like you need to jump on a blog to BERATE or CRITICISE someone who has an opinion that differs from your own eg “pile of crap post” and “backassed twisted point of view” It is just one persons point of view and if you do not agree with it you have a right to put your own points. Why all the Vitriol?? BK is doing such a good job of getting Wins then according to your logic style doesn’t count. Well how does 8 wins a year work for getting to a BCS bowl or a Natl’ Championship? If you think style doesn’t count what the fans and alumni of UND say if the team keeps playing the brand of football they have the last 2 yrs with BK calling the plays and Rees leading the nation in turnovers. He had more turnovers by himself then half of the 120 teams in Division One. I look fwd to seeing your comments after FSU does a rerun on him similiar to what Stanford and USC did and Kelly tries to get the W with Hendrix sent into to salvage another game that might have been won with a “quality QB starting and playing the whole game. One final point “genius” sense is spelled with and s not a c. Hope you enjoy the Lingerie Bowl if you switch off UND-FSU at half time due to the STYLE of the game being similar to Stanford/USC debacles. Happy Trails my friend.

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      6. Shazamrock 6 years ago

        “Kelly has shown in his first 2 yrs that his only driving thought is to get a W.”

        You should have just left it at that Einstein!

        Stinking, inept, & gutless.

        All your own words that I would use to describe yourself.

        If you ever took even one shot that TR took agianst Stanford you would STILL be pissing yourself.
        Then agian, a few of those might actually make a man out of you.

        I would rather see ND win with “class” than with style.

        “Class”…. something else you know nothing about.

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  43. JC 6 years ago

    Good point storespook,

    Shotgun prostyle QB with quick release, good arm and good scrambling skills. Do we know anyone like that??

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  44. storespook 6 years ago

    Though one high school game should never dictate how to overall assess a HS player moving up to D1 ball, it is a little discerning how Kiel’s team was hammered as bad as they were, in his last game/state playoff. I guess with the accolades he has been given regarding stature, I would have expected something a little different with him at the helm. Be that as it may, it would be a nice pickup, but, how does he compare to E Golson from a skillset point of view? I pose that to anyone on the blog who may be more familiar with him than I am.

    Go Irish

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  45. KyleValpoU'15 6 years ago

    Is Notre Dame still looking at Arik Armstead? or we considering him a defensive lineman? He would be a nice, big recruit to add to either the offensive or defensive side of the ball. GO IRISH!

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    1. ndforever 6 years ago

      i believe ND is recruiting Armstead as a defensive player.

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