Possible Summer Decision for Anthony LaLota

Allen Wallace of SuperPrep.com posted an article today about Notre Dame defensive end prospect Anthony LaLota today stating that the New Jersey native might be looking to end his recruiting before the end of the summer.

He says he may make his decision before the start of his senior season. “I’ll either decide right before the season at the end of August or, if I’m not ready, I’ll take a few official visits and see,” he said.

LaLota had some very good things to say about the Irish in the piece and it looks like things are looking pretty good for Notre Dame here.

“I also was really impressed with the facilities,” he said. “Everything there is top of the line and the campus was just nice overall.”

LaLota says he’s confident the Irish will improve on their disappointing 2007 campaign. “I talked with Corwin Brown about it and he said they plan on being much more aggressive this year. He said they are looking to blitz more and just create more havoc.”

LaLota is listed as a five star OT by Scout, but he is being recruited as a defensive end by Notre Dame (and most other schools).   We haven’t had the greatest of luck with five star defensive linemen from the state of New Jersey the past couple years, but for now at least, it looks like we’ll at least be in this one till the end.

On a side note, I feel sorry for any offensive line that has to go up against LaLota’s Hun School defensive line which also sports Notre Dame commit Tyler Stockton this year – that’s a lot of division 1 talent on one defensive line.

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  1. JC 9 years ago


    Hmm……Must be a UCONN fan with typical audacious comments. Well, talk to our past AD about it at Duke, we did not want to play you at all!

    Wishful thinking on the broadcast and recruiting, do you kick your dog also when you don’t get your way?

    Sure hope you enjoy your trek to your favorite new stadium.

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  2. Frankie V 9 years ago


    I doubt any local NBC affiliate in Jersey would “love” to drop Notre Dame games. Why would they want to drop games from the most popular college team in the state?

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  3. Tim 9 years ago

    Sports Illustrated writer Austin Murphy talk about the Notre Dame Stadium aura here:


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  4. Tom Dockery 9 years ago

    Stay the hell out of New Jersey.Stick to the other 49 states.If you don’t want to play us at our stadium,then don’t recruit here.The local NBC affiliate(WNBC) would love to drop your games and telecast ours.

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  5. JC 9 years ago

    Oh yea, how many of our detractors are going to be upset with our with our stellar recruiting this year. Especially, if we get LaLota’s services in the mix.

    Charlie and company are in the elite game of recruiting, and time is on our side! Remember, we do have a two game winning streak to build on this year.

    It is inevitable we will start winning consistantly with this kind of talent dominating the roster.

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