Top 100 Recruits – Notre Dame vs. Major Rivals

Here is a look at how we currently stack up with our major yearly rivals (Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, and USC) in terms of top 100 prospects according to both Scout and Rivals.

  • There is still a lot of time left in recruiting, but it is very nice to see us ranked even with USC and ahead of Michigan in terms of top 100 players.
  • It is very unlikely we’ll add anymore Top 100 prospects from either rankings as most of our remaining prospects are not ranked in either top 100 list.

And here’s a breakdown of which commits are in the top 100 from each service for each school.

Scout and Rivals Top 100 Comparisons

  Rivlas Position   Scout Position
Notre Dame 20. Kyle Rudolph TE   16. Michael Floyd WR
  25. Dayne Crist QB   21. Kyle Rudolph TE
  27. Michael Floyd WR   45. Dayne Crist QB
  32. Ethan Johnson DE   49. Ethan Johnson DE
  37. Trevor Robinson OL   56. Darius Fleming SLB
  72. Jonas Gray RB   58. Deion Walker WR
  89. Darius Fleming LB   72. Steve Filer MLB
Michigan 41. Darryl Stonum WR   48. Boubacar Cissoko CB
  44. Boubacar Cissoko CB   62. Brandon Smith S
  49. Dann O’Neil OL   63. Sam McGuffie RB
        73. Darryl Stonum WR
USC 11. Matt Kalil OL   9. Tyron Smith OT
  15. Tyron Smith OL   12. Matt Kalil OT
  31. Blake Ayles TE   22. Blake Ayles TE
  40. Wes Horton DE   41. DJ Shoemate WR
  42. Armond Armstead DT   66. Matt Meyer OT
  79. Brice Butler WR   84. Brice Butler WR
  96. DJ Shoemate ATH   95. Joe Adams CB
Stanford 68. Andrew Luck QB   47. Andrew Luck QB


  • In looking at USC’s commits in each, Horton is ranked 40th overall in Rivals, but is not in Scout’s Top 300. Armstead is also barely in the top 300 in Scout at #287. Matt Meyer is just outside Rivals’ top 100 at 151.
  • For Michigan, Dan O’Neil is ranked 147 in Scout while McGuffie isn’t ranked in Rivals in their top 250.
  • All of Notre Dame’s commits in the top 100 on Rivals are all at least in the top 300 on Scout and all of the Scout top 100 are at least on the Rivals top 250.

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  1. William 10 years ago

    You missed Alex Kenney, State College, PA ATH who is the fastest sophomore sprinter in the US. All state as soph in PA’s AAAA division.

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  2. M.scout 10 years ago

    Class of 2010 mock rankings: 1-RB/Marcus Lattimore 2-WR/Earlzo Singleton 3-DE/Jamel Turner 4-ATH/Spencer Ware 5-LB/Gideon Ajagbe 6-ATH/Dillon Baxter 7-QB/Jake Heaps 8-S/Ronnie Vinson 9-RB/Jakhari Gore 10-WR/Anthony Williams These are the top 10 player rankings for the class of 2010 on my board

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  3. Derek Strong 10 years ago

    I heard about that 2010 football recruit Earlzo Singleton from Chicago,IL.He’s being talked about all over the country as the top Wideout in the class of 2010 and Maryland and Syracuse are already recruiting him if you look at there site.

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  4. M.scout 10 years ago

    Speaking the class of 2010 highly touted prospect Earlzo Singleton from Clark prep is known as the top receiver in his class after his dominating camp performance.

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  5. NDGuy07 10 years ago

    Bleed, just to point something out, USC only brought in 18 recruits last season, and the years before that 25,20,20.

    What’s important to remember is that there are scholarship limits. While the Bush scandal may be playing a small roll in the down recruiting what’s more likely is that USC only has so many scholarships to hand out in the past few seasons due to big seasons in 2004-2006.

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  6. bleednd82 10 years ago

    I hate to say it but BobBy does have a point about USC only having 14 recruits. I think this “Bush scandal” and the issues the program are suffering off the field is very apparent so far in this years class. I am not saying they wont add more recruits just saying they arent blowing away everyone in recruiting this year and I think there is a good reason for it. BoB, I could only read to bulleted point #15 because its just to much crap. STOP!

    I think this recruiting class just shows that Charlie and Corwin are doing a good job in selling the program at ND and selling them as Coaches. I dont know many other schools that go 3-9 in the previous season then have the #1 recruiting class. I think that is what is so amazing about this years class and I think we are getting players that we need to fit our system. I think this class in 2010 will be known as the class who brought us back a championship.

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  7. JC 10 years ago

    Patrick, If you don’t like what the #1 recruiting class has accomplished to date as high school players; then why not play the lotto? The ranking system is only an indication of high school results. Not a prediction for college. And yes, the coaches validate this process by recruiting these ranked players. As to the quality of the autodidatic sports pundits, they are everywhere from good to bad. Ultimately, the coaches do indeed make the final validation.

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  8. JD 10 years ago

    “Some people call it a Kaiser Blade. Mmm-hmmm. I call it a Sling Blade. Mmm-hmmm.”

    -Bob Gilleran

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  9. Patrick Ellis 10 years ago

    JC, I don’t see how having the number one recruiting class, and it being indicative of on the field success, is somehow more accomplished.

    As another poster mentioned, these rankings are not done by people with the qualifications of the coaches doing the recruiting. It’s the same with the NFL draft – how many #1 NFL picks have been busts? TONS.

    I could care less if it is the #1 recruiting class or not. As long as Notre Dame gets the players it wants/needs for its system of football, I’m happy.

    The Patriots have been successful by finding players – whether highly rated or not – that fit their system and they are on the verge of a 4th Super Bowl championship. USC may not have the #1 recruiting class every year, yet over the last 5 years have been the most dominant.

    Great programs (both college and pro) get the best players for their systems – regardless of how an internet geek ranks them on Scout on Rivals.

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  10. JC 10 years ago

    I Like our chances with the #1 recruiting class. Better odds than the lotto, and certainly more accomplished.

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  11. Patrick Ellis 10 years ago

    These rankings means absolutely nothing. Predicting which one of these high school kids will pay dividends is like trying to pick the winning lotto numbers – next to impossible.

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