Video: Carlo Calabrese – ’09 LB Commit

Carlo Calabrese committed to Notre Dame back in the spring so he doesn’t get talked about that much, but watching this video should get you pretty excited about what Carlo brings to this class.  He’s a tough as nails linebacker who will hopefully add a little bit of attitude to the linebacking corps.

This highlight reel has the added bonus of some great music from AC/DC.

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  1. qua-jones 8 years ago

    CARLO is a beast..i kno this kid personally an he would give it his all where ever ND puts him. he can run the ball an tackle anyone with it..ND wont be disapointed

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  2. cliff 9 years ago

    I have not heard anything…I to am concered about this– however could a “big” name be on the horizon?! A Big along with Young…sounds like a solid formula…

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  3. chris 9 years ago

    thanks but why hasn’t there been any news on a d line coach??? anyone hear anything?

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  4. jason_h537 9 years ago

    a graduate assistant i believe is like an intern. learn on the job type stuff to prepare for a possible coaching career

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  5. chris 9 years ago

    can anyone help me? what is the difference between a graduate assistant and a position coach/assistant coach? just wondering considering ND hasn’t picked a d line coach yet and wondering if it will be young to take over or does he need to go thru this process?? thanks.

    and no he wasn’t an early enrollee faithfulfan.

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  6. faithfulfan 9 years ago

    The hit at :58 is awesome. I LOVE how this kid plays the game. He keeps the whole team pumped up on every play. That is something this team desperately needs. He seems to have decent size already, I wonder how soon he will see the field.

    Was he one of the early enrollees?

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  7. jason_h537 9 years ago

    something about this kid makes him seem very special to me. i have a feeling two years from now he’ll be one of our top players.

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  8. Matt 9 years ago

    The kid has heart and hits like a ton of bricks. I will take him any day.

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  9. westcoastirishfan 9 years ago

    Unless he can improve his speed, this guy seems like a good choice to move to DL, like Zorich. Its hard to be successful with a MLB running 4.8 40’s.

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