Friday Morning Flicks – It’s 49-21 Sweetheart Edition

Notre Dame travels in to instate rival Purdue this weekend to take on the Boilermakers. While Notre Dame has dominated this rivalry over the years, there has been plenty of memorable plays and this week’s edition of Friday Morning Flicks has a lot of classic clips of the Irish and Boilermakers.

Our first clip this week is a play that I immediately think of whenever I think of Notre Dame and Purdue.  It needs no introduction in my mind.

During Ara Parseghian’s first year at Notre Dame, he led the Irish to a34-15 victory.

The 1966 Notre Dame-Purdue gave us a couple memorable plays.  Jim Seymour set a still Notre Dame record with 276 yards receiving against Purdue in ’66.  Here are some of his highlights.

Nick Eddy also added a 97 yard kick return for a touchdown against the Boilermakers in ’66.

In 1971, Notre Dame got it’s first win in Rose Ade Stadium in 10 years with a clutch two point conversion.

We also have some highlights from the 20-7 Irish win in 1973

In 1975, Luther Bradley set a Notre Dame record with a 99 yard interception return for a touchdown in Notre Dame’s 17-0 shutout of Purdue.

Some guy named Montana came off the bench in 1977 to save the season for the Irish.

In 1988 Notre Dame scored six first half time touchdowns against the Boilermakers.  A couple young guys named Watters and Ismail came up with big plays for the Irish.  Could some young guys named Evans and Riddick do the same this weekend?

Here’s Allen Rossum doing his thing in 1996 with a 99 yard kick return for a touchdown on the game’s opening kickoff.

I like to keep these posts pretty positive, but just in case anyone forgets how much this game means to Purdue, here’s a clip from 1997.

Here’s Oldie’s highlight clip from the classic Brock Sprack “what happened” game in 2005.  Ron Franklin from ESPN gives us our name for this week’s column in this clip as well.

Jeff’ Samardzija’s spectacular one handed grab in 2005 deserved it’s own clip.

And here’s highlights from last year’s 34-21 win in South Bend.

This last one isn’t game related, but I came across it in my search and figured it’d be nice to end this week’s column with the Fight Song.

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  1. Kyle F. 8 years ago

    Love the Zellars run. That’s always the first one I think of as well.

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  2. David 8 years ago

    I like watching the videos, but it really puts the current state of the notre dame football program into perspective. And that makes me a little sad.

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    1. Justin 8 years ago

      I know the feeling

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  3. Justin 8 years ago

    coming off of a loss or a win, this videos always get me pumped for saturday!

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  4. T-MIll 8 years ago

    Thank you for recognizing that this is, indeed a bit of a rivalry because Purdue has had some success. We have more wins over Notre Dame than anyone except USC and Michigan State.

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    1. C-Dog 8 years ago

      Hmm rivalry. Truly I think that word has been misused. Sounds great on ESPN for getting people mad and ratings up. But rivalry? Hmmm. USC is a rival because often the games put the season on the line. Army was a rival a long long time ago. The US Army still hasn’t won a war out since piling up the score on ND in ’45. Miami was a short but heated rivalry. Michigan has kind of become a rivalry, but not really. MSU is not a rivalry. Purdue is not a rivalry. Purdue is a worthy opponent, but not a rival. Had Notre Dame been better in the late 90’s this might have happened, but beating Notre Dame did not cause the Purdue program to “arrive”.

      Purdue deserves all the respect because it has been a very good program. But there isn’t any reason to want Purdue to lose other than they are this week’s opponent. And really each team just wanting to win the game is refreshing.

      Good luck Boilermakers.

      Go Irish!!

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      1. Frank Vitovitch 8 years ago

        ND and Purdue have played each other 80 times not sure how that doesn’t qualify as a rivalry. A rivalry can be one sided and still be a rivalry.

        ND also only has a 7-5 advantage in this rivalry over the past 12 years.

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  5. Shazamrock 8 years ago

    That first clip of Ray Zellars was AWESOME!

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