Friday Morning Flicks – Beat SC Edition

Greetings for sunny South Bend.  The UHND crew is taking a timeout to resume the Friday Morning Flicks on this important football weekend.  Here’s a collection of Notre Dame-USC and motivational clips to get everyone ready for this weekend.

We’ll start off with Kinnon Tatum lighting up USC in 1995.

Now we’ll go back to 1973 for Eric Pennick’s 85 yard touchdown run against USC.

Here are some highlights from the famous 1977 USC Green Jersey game.

And another green jersey game in 1985.  If Gerry Faust can beat these guys…

And here’s Tony Rice running all over the 2nd ranked Trojans in 1988.

Here’s a pre-game brawl in 1989.  Not that I condone fighting, but I’d love to see the Irish make a similar statement before the game to USC.

Reggie Brooks ran over, around, and through USC in 1992.

And now on to some motivational clips.

Here are some famous words from Dr. Lou.

Here’s Herb Brooks giving the 1980 USA Hockey Team the pre-game talk before they finally defeated the Russians.

And here’s a little Willem Wallace from Braveheart.

And we’ll close this out with Here Come the Irish.

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  1. bobc 8 years ago

    You domers are left with living in the distant past as today is just too hard to cope with, huh. I noticed you did not include Anthony Davis’ 5 td game as well as many others I could mention in your clips. It’s 2009, not 1778… move on!

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  2. Marti 8 years ago

    Al Pacino Any Given Sunday renamed “Any Given Saturday” Let’s Go IRISH

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  3. Jdub713 8 years ago

    I think it sounds like Al Pacino…

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  4. Cliff 8 years ago

    Well done…on the motivational clip- who is speaking?

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  5. svenghali 8 years ago
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  6. Will K 8 years ago


    As always, this was wonderfully well done! Thanks!

    Go Irish, Beat Trojans!

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