Friday Morning Flicks – Make Plays Edition

This week’s Friday morning flicks takes a look at some of the great moments in the Notre Dame-Michigan State rivalry.

First up we’ll start with a highlight reel from the last time Notre Dame beat Michigan State – 2006’s miracle fourth quarter comeback.

Notre Dame’s win in 2006 inspired this classic sports radio meltdown from Mike Valenti of Detroit’s 97.1 FM. This clip gave us the name for this week’s column.

Notre Dame hasn’t beaten Michigan State at home since 1993, but the 2005 game, Charlie Weis’s first game inside Notre Dame Stadium, featured another crazy comeback by the Irish that came up just short in overtime.

While Bob Davie was 0-5 against Michigan State and Charlie Weis is 1-3 against the Spartans, ironically enough, Ty Willingham was 2-1. His wins both came in Spartan Stadium including 2002’s thriller featuring the Pat Dillingham to Arnaz Battle touchdown. This game prompted Sports Illustrated to feature the Irish on the cover the following week with the headline “What A Difference A Coach Makes”.

Despite only losing to the Spartans once, Lou Holtz’s teams did have a couple other close calls against Michigan State. Here are some highlights from Irish wins in 1989, 1990

Tim Brown probably cemented his claim to the Heisman in 1987 with two punt returns for touchdowns against the Spartans in Notre Dame’s 31-8 win.

Our next clip is a little more indicative of how the rivalry has trended over the last 12 meetings. In 2000, Herb Haygood took a Jeff Smoker pass 68 yards for the game winning score on 4th and 10 with less than two minutes left when Bob Davie sent an all out blitz on Smoker.

The 1966 Notre Dame-Michigan State game ranks as one of the greatest Notre Dame games of all time with the game ending in a 10-10 tie. Here’s a clip of the final moments of the game.

And here’s an even older school clip of the Irish and Spartans showing footage from 1948 and 1949 games.

Our last clip for this week comes from the 1973 game.  Pay special attention who the holder for Michigan State is on the field goal attempt at the beginning.

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  1. St8rBoiInMN 8 years ago

    The biggest team on their schedule? LMAO!!!

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  2. MMA83d 8 years ago

    When you are the biggest game on your opponents’ schedule every week you have to be ready to play, EVERY WEEK. I cannot recall a Holtz team not being ready to play. Zorro in the middle brings back great memories. Has there been another lineman since Zorro with that kind of attitude and work ethic?

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  3. Kyle F. 8 years ago

    The aggressive play of the defense really sticks out in the 1989 clip.

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