Friday Morning Flicks – Revenge Edition

Notre Dame is looking for a little revenge this weekend after Michigan’s last second victory in the Big House a year ago.  Here’s this week’s Friday Morning Flicks to get you through the day and ready for gameday.

Michigan’s Denard Robinson looked pretty Pat White-esque last.  Here’s the blueprint for how to stop a Rich Rodriguez spread offense with an athletic QB like Robinson.

The last time Michigan came to South Bend, Lou Holtz said this at the pep rally.

And then the Irish did this to the Wolverines.

Here’s a ton of great classic clips all in one video.

Now let’s take a look back at some great plays in Notre Dame-Michigan history.  We’ll start off with Rocket Ismail’s first half kickoff in 1989.

Next is the “most spectacular run you’re ever going to see.”

How about Harry Oliver’s 51 yarder against Michigan in 1980 with Tony Roberts doing the commentary.

…and here’s Michigan play by play announcer Bob Ufer’s take on the same play.

Wait a minute, Bo isn’t going to kick to the Rocket again…. is he???

Coming off a tough season, the ’98 Irish entered the Michigan unranked and supposedly undermatched…

Ok, I know I posted this one last week too, but there’s no such thing as too much Lou Holtz.

And let’s close it with the greatest fight song in all of college football.

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  1. Chris 7 years ago

    Michigan State on the road at night will be the gut check game for the Irish at this point in the season. Nothing but a total dismantling of the Spartans will ease the loss in South Bend last week at least for me. An intense focus has been missing these many years. I think it is high time the Irish pin their ears back and play like a team possessed. I think their fans deserve it. Too many other teams getting it done – Irish are over due.

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  2. Cur 7 years ago

    well said ted, although we will see how good michigan is throughout the year.

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  3. ted 7 years ago

    i posted a comment on sunday but it now seems to be lost on the board…nothing novel, similar sentiments from what i have read here except mich is not very good. with crist for the whole game we would have put up some crazy offensive numbers and scored 35+ points. while denard is a special talent, they will lose plenty of games this year.

    on to mich st. i hate when people throw a bunch of qualifiers in front of a statement so they can always back off of it if need be, so i will refrain from saying that they always play us tough, it’s a road game, d’antoni gets them prepared etc., and just say that if we don’t win big (14+ points) we will likely lose 4 games this year. as long as we are consistently improving throughout the season we will be set to have a great 2011.

    while close games are great entertainment for casual fans, i would love to see a 27-7 lead going into half-time.

    Go Irish!!! Beat Spartans!!!

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  4. JDH 7 years ago

    Good analysis Shazam and Dublin. My thoughts:

    – Robinson is Michigan’s team. Yes, that’s a bit oversimplistic, but he is their team. Without him, they are VERY mediocre. (Not sour grapes, just an honest opinion.) He is the best athlete on the field and has elite speed. BUT, even with the phenomenal numbers, ND’s defense did everything they needed to do to win the game. Their ability and heart to stop 3rd down conversions and force punts in the 2nd half is what NORMALLY wins games, period.

    – Crist’s absence was obviously a DISASTER. He showed some inconsistency and some poor passing in the second half, but also had a few moments of brilliance. He will get more consistent as time goes on with Kelly as a mentor. But make no mistake, when he was in the game, Michigan rarely stopped our offense. Particularly in the 2nd half, ND stopped themselves with bad passes and mental errors.

    – Major kudos to Armando Allen who is absolutely tenacious. Second that for Rudolph- WOW. And, as alot of guys know on this site, I was VERY critical of Harrison Smith last year. IMO, he is the most improved guy on the field. Huge pat on the pads to him. Defensively, this team HITS. How long has it been since we’ve seen an ND defense that aggressively pursues the ball and SMACKS that player?

    -Things That Can’t Happen: 1) Completely missing the endzone when trying “Hail Mary” passes. Seriously? How did 2 different QBs do that at the end of each half? Montana had to make a, what, 7 yard pass? That cannot happen. A perfect example of how we killed ourselves. 2- Michael Floyd dropping balls on 3rd down that hit him in the numbers. When you’re arguably the best WR in the country and always a mismatch in size, that can’t happen. Great job blocking by him, avg. job catching. 3) Crist getting injured. The guys is a legit double-threat but we have no backups this year. No more explanation needed. 4) Dropping the ball before you get to the endzone. I don’t care if T.J. Jones is a freshman. This is football 101. I have every confidence that Kelly will address that with him in a not so gentle way. (i.e. “If I EVER see you….)

    Conclusion: This game was almost as much of an emotional rollercoaster as last year’s USC game. It was very painful to watch the same thing happen this year that happened last year, losing the game in the last seconds. (albeit under totally different circumstances) Could have gone either way and we came up a possession short. I HONESTLY BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART that ND would have won that game if Crist played 4 quarters. But, such is life. Michigan did what they needed to win.

    As tough as this was to stomach, we have much to look forward to. This is an ND team with some very legit talent and heart.

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    1. Chris 7 years ago

      Absolutely right on with the two passes into the 6th row out of the end zone by both Montana and Crist! The most stupid idiot plays I have ever seen after watching Irish football for 38 yrs! That isnt coached nor should it be. With no time remaining it doesnt matter if it gets picked. To take your team out of it without giving your receivers a chance is simply inexcusable! If it has to be coached then we are in for a long season.

      The field goal is also a must at the end of the 2nd qrt. Even w/ MI’s 74 yard drive and touch in the 4th – we still win with a chip shot 37yr field goal w/ 6 seconds left! Bitter – bitter loss and it didnt have to be that way even with Robinsons incredible day. You guys watch, MI will meet up with a Troy or a somewhat centrally located northeastern somewhat to the west Michigan team on their schedule and they will shut him down.

      Maybe BK better refocus on teching some basic football principals like having your QB actually keep the ball in the field of play when they throw the football instead of worrying about how they line up during pregame stretching…..

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  5. DublinOHIrish 7 years ago

    The 3 main points are this…

    1) Denard Robinson is a special player.

    2) Our defense gave up many yards, but is playing much better in the redzone, hitting harder, and not allowing the passing game to eat us alive. Robinson’s run was going to happen sooner or later and he could bust one against any defense. Take away the gimme TD of the interception, they give up 21 pts.

    3) We beat Michigan by two TDs if Crist is not sitting on the sideline in the first half. Coach Kelly has stressed over and over that Crist’s health is the most important factor for this team’s success, and he was right.

    Moving forward, we will see how Coach Kelly motivates his players going into a tough game in East Lancing. This is what will separate him from the other 3 bozos before him.

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    1. Shazamrock 7 years ago


      Here’s a few numbers to munch on for next weeks game.
      Sparty played Florida Atlantic, who ever they are.
      Fla.Atl was 24-37 in the passing game for 256 yards.
      Fla.Atl had 9 different players with at least 1 catch.
      With 9 players in receiving,and their avg. yrds. per catch was a respectiable 7.0
      The final score was 30-17. This was a “neutral” site game, and Florida Atlantic was the home team, even though it was played at Ford Field in Detroit. 90 minutes from East Lansing.
      Lastly, Fla. Atl had 11 penilties for 85 yards.
      Michigan St. won with running game and two backs of Bell and Baker. Unlike the Wolverines, Mich.St. running game is built on power.
      A team’s first road game is always tough, but with our passing game and Mich. St’s questionable secondary, we should be able to score points. A couple of big plays from our special teams could be the difference.

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  6. Shazamrock 7 years ago

    How about some positives from this game.
    I really like number 44 Carlo Calibreese. That kid has a nose for the football. He made some fine plays and is going to be a good one for the next few years.
    Kyle Rudolph deserves an extra day off. What a work horse he was. Great catch and run on the TD play deep over the middle.
    The hardest hit I saw came from number 22 Harrison Smith. He absolutly leveled that Michigan wr on a short pass play in the second half.
    I think we all knew that sooner or later our back up QB’s would be called on. Just didn’t think it would be this soon. Hopefully the playing time received will payoff a little better next time.
    I always was a big believer in putting up points before half time no matter what. I don’t think going for a TD with a back up QB was the right call give the situation.
    I have a greater appreciation for Jimmy Claussen and his ability to give his receivers a shot in the endzone. We distroyed Michigan’s secondary last year with Jimmy being able to go over the top. Sorely missing in this game.
    Good to see the team make good adjustments at half time. Still need to learn how to finish.

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  7. Chucket 7 years ago

    Please don’t talk about revenge. Let’s look for the talent the team has. Two players have demonstrated consistent results: Armando Allen and Kyle Rudolph. No interceptions are showing, at all. And the touted receiving corps is rather unproductive in spite of names on the marquee.

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  8. mshoelaces16 7 years ago

    Are you a believer yet? Denard is still running up and down the field at Notre Dame stadium and Teo is still chasing. Go Blue!!

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  9. JC 7 years ago

    Yea, all aboard the BK Express!………………..Go Irish!

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  10. NamedmydogRUDY 7 years ago

    Who is the announcer on the Rocket touchdowns? I don’t care if he is a homer he gave me chills.

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  11. VUIrish 7 years ago

    The one glaring reality in the first video is how important it is to get penetration from the defensive line. having three or four D-Linemen three yards deep in the backfield is effective in stopping any offense. If the D-Line fares as well against Michigan as they did against Purdue, we should be fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Robinson coughs it up a few times either.

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  12. C-Dog 7 years ago

    Teo is the antidote for Robinson. Coo Coo, Coo Joo!

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  13. JDH 7 years ago

    I’d like to provide a little perspective about Denard Robinson. We’ve all talked alot about him for obvious reasons- he is their big player. And of course ND’s defense will need to find ways to contain him, particularly the LB corp. But let’s not let ESPN make us all cower at the thought of this guy. He’s played 1 game so far and it was against UConn. Remember Michigan fans and the media last year after the ND game? Tate “The Force” Forcier was going to lead them back to glory?! Didn’t quite turn out that way. Right now he is the poster child for how not to act as an athlete- a total trainwreck.

    Don’t get me wrong- I’m not taking anything away from Robinson and we all know’s he’s a good player with excellent speed. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The media builds huge mountains out of people and then abandons them one day later.

    I have no doubt ND and Kelly are taking his talents seriously. But I doubt anybody is pissing down their leg either.

    Just a thought.


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    1. FXM 7 years ago

      Thank you, I was starting to wonder if we were going against Terrelle Pryor.

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  14. Evan 7 years ago

    I am covered in goosebumps thinking of Saturdays game and from the highlights and fight song, this IS a defining moment early in Brian Kelly’s career, and the football teams season.. Just beat Michigan! Go Irish.

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  15. luckybeaver 7 years ago

    Two boys are playing football at a park in South Bend when one of the boys is suddenly attacked by a crazed Rottweiler.

    Thinking quickly, the other boy takes a stick and shoves it under the dog’s collar, twists it, and breaks the dog’s neck, thus saving his friend.

    A sports reporter who was strolling by sees the incident and rushes over to interview the boy. He tells the boy, “I’ll title it ‘Young Irish Fan Fights Vicious Animal To Save Friend'”.

    “But I’m not a Fighting Irish fan,” the little hero replies.

    “Sorry, since we’re in South Bend, I just assumed you were,” says the reporter, “What is your favorite team?”

    “I’m an Michigan Wolverines fan,” the boy replies. “They’re the best.”

    The reporter smiles, starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes: “Little Bastard From Michigan Kills Beloved Family Pet.”

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  16. Shazamrock 7 years ago

    I still remember the 1992 TD run by Reggie Brooks. We still debate in my family how he hung onto the football and scored.
    He gets really popped by #5 for the wolverins at the 4 yardline and is out cold.
    What was it that guided him those last four yards and into the endzone?
    Was it momentum, Luck, or could it have been something else?

    Did you know ???
    Did you know that back in 1994 OJ Simpson was in trouble with the law.
    The Los Angels police wanted to question him about the murder of his wife and a male friend of hers. OJ was in a fit of panic and summond a friend (and his Ford Bronco) to take him to the University of Michigan so that he could hid out.
    That’s actually pretty smart, after all, that is the last place anyone would look for a fotball player!

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