Friday Morning Flicks – Wolverine Hunting Edition

This week's Friday Morning Flicks takes a strole down memory lane and looks at some of the great Notre Dame moments in the Michigan rivalry. (Photo - Icon SMI)

In an effort to get a bit more organized and bring everyone more great Fighting Irish content each week,  we’ve been introducing a lot of new weekly columns around here lately.  Today we introduce yet another – Friday Morning Flicks.  Each Friday morning during the season, we’ll have a post with a bunch of Notre Dame YouTube or other video clips for you to enjoy during your morning coffee break or during that boring meeting you have to sit through.

This week’s Friday Morning Flicks will focus on hated rival Michigan.  With Notre Dame heading up to Ann Arbor this weekend for the yearly showdown with the Wolverines it wasn’t tough to find plenty of video to get you through the morning.

We’ll start off with a beauty from 1989.  Bo Schembechler decided to kick right to then sophomore speedster Ragihb “Rocket” Ismai.  Bad idea Bo.  Bad idea.

This next video is my favorite.  The crowd inside Notre Dame Stadium was so loud that Notre Dame actually received a penalty for the crowd being TOO loud.  I wish Notre Dame Stadium was still this loud (and this was when there were still 20,000 fewer seats).

Next we’ll take a look at “one of the most spectacular runs you are ever going to see”.  Irish defensive coordinator Corwin Brown might not have fond memories of this play,

And here’s some highlights from the last time Notre Dame won in Ann Arbor (apologies that the audio is delayed).

There’s been plenty of dramatic endings in this series.  Here’s Tony Roberts’s call of Harry Oliver’s game winning 51 yard field goal in 1981.

And just for fun, here is Michigan play by play announcer Bob Ufer’s call of the same kick.

Of course, a couple years earlier, Michigan was in a similar situation, but Bob Crable blocked a 42 yard attempt to seal the Notre Dame.

The 1988 game came down to a field as well with Notre Dame’s Reggie Ho connecting on a 26 yarder to give the Irish a 19-16 win.  Ho was 4 for 4 kicking field goals in the game.

Last year’s game featured some big plays by the Irish.  Here’s Golden Tate’s 49 yard touchdown from Jimmy Clausen off the play-action.

Here’s another big play for the Irish from 1998 game in South Bend – one of the more convincing wins in the series for Notre Dame.

Oh yeah.  Bo actually kicked it to the Rocket a second time.  Still a bad idea.

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  1. Frank V. Sr 8 years ago

    Great job. I enjoyed every one.

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  2. JRM 8 years ago

    I am a Domer ’90. I’ve always enjoyed beating Michigan but disagree that ND has a hatred for U of M. They are our rivals but we respect each other unlike MIAMI, you know …. Cathlocs v. Convicts. I still enjoy a Miami loss almost as much as a ND win!

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  3. Kyle F. 8 years ago

    I want to be at a game like video #2. It sounds incredible. I can’t believe they used to penalize the crowd for noise. I want to hear the crowd get like that again. I’ve heard people say the stadium was never loud, but then I see videos like this.

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  4. Cliff 8 years ago

    I live for Saturdays….GREAT POST!

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  5. Justin 8 years ago

    Friday Morning Flicks is my favorite “new column” yet. I’m PUMPED for Saturday!

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  6. Matthew Z 8 years ago

    Great job here. These videos are great!

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