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Irish Traditions: Interhall Football

There’s nothing better to do on a Sunday than watch some really intense college football action. Wait, what? No, that wasn’t a mistake. At the University of Notre Dame, football lasts all weekend, as attention shifts from the Irish to the Big Red, the Dawgs, the Ramblers and more on Sundays in Interhall Football action. Rudy dreamed of one day playing football in Notre Dame’s storied stadium; today’s students know that they don’t have to be quite that good to win playing time in the House that Rockne Built. So what is Interhall Football? A full-pads tackle football program for ...

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Irish Traditions: Dillon Hall Pep Rally

Photo: Matt Cashore / USPRESSWIRE

There are a lot of pep rallies held at Notre Dame, but one in particular stands out each and every year: the Dillon Hall Pep Rally. The Dillon Hall Pep Rally began approximately 40 years ago. It is traditionally held the Thursday before the first home game (although from 2009-11 the pep rally was moved from its traditional Thursday night, to the Friday night of the first home football game weekend – it has since been moved back to Thursday night going forward). In the early years of the tradition, the rally was held in the Dillon courtyard that faces South Dining Hall. But as ...

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Irish Traditions: Notre Dame Player Walk

Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te'o walks into Notre Dame Stadium before the game against the BYU Cougars. (Photo: Matt Cashore / US PRESSWIRE)

One of the most anticipated events on Notre Dame’s campus on a football weekend is the walk the players take on Saturday morning, following Mass, to the stadium. The original football walk consisted of the Notre Dame football team stoically walking out of the Basilica after Mass, and making their way through “God Quad”, moving onward from there through campus to the stadium. The fans line up in masses to high five, cheer, and wish the players well on their journey towards Notre Dame Stadium. For people who have never been to Notre Dame for a football game, this is an absolute must-see event. (Below ...

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Where Are They Now: Marv Russell

(Photo: Matt Cashore / USPRESSWIRE)

Growing up in a Methodist family and wanting to become a minister, Marv Russell’s early path did not seem to include a later stop as a football player at Notre Dame. A young man who dealt with adversity many times and at one point was diagnosed with dyslexia, Russell put his strong work ethic and determination to good use on the way to a successful football career and becoming a book author, keynote speaker, consultant and nationally known leadership expert in the business world. Russell now commutes between Chicago and Florida with his wife (and fellow Notre Dame graduate) Catherine. The couple has two grown children, ...

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Irish Traditions: Midnight Drummer’s Circle

Before the band, and the drum line, perform on Saturdays (shown above), they put on a show for fans in front of the Golden Dome at midnight on the eve of kickoff.  (Photo - Brian Spurlock / US PRESSWIRE )

One of the best things about Notre Dame football traditions is that they happen at all times of the day – and night. In fact, one of the biggest events, and a huge fan favorite, occurs at midnight — The Midnight Drummer’s Circle. At a time when you’d think most visitors to campus would be back in their hotels preparing for game day, the campus is actually teeming with activity. On the Friday night before home games, students and fans alike gather at the bottom of the steps under the Golden Dome and wait for the drummers to arrive. After the bells of the Basilica ...

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Where Are They Now: Pete Bercich

(Photo - Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

This is article is provided courtesy of Lisa Kelly at No Coast Bias.  Be sure to check out the rest of her “Where Are They Now” series which catches up with Irish players from past years. Pete Bercich, the son of a former NFL player, had one dream as a kid growing up in Joliet, Ill. – to fly fighter planes for the Air Force. A successful high school football career at Providence Catholic High School prompted him to reevaluate his plans. After being recruited by many of the best collegiate football, he decided to play football at Notre Dame before ...

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Irish Traditions: Trumpets Under the Dome

(Photo - Matt Cashore / USPRESSWIRE)

This is my new series featuring the background on some of the most storied Notre Dame traditions. Some will be well-known fan-favorites, and others will seem a little more obscure. For all of them though, there is great Notre Dame history involved, and I look forward to helping share that history; I hope you enjoy it! My first installment will feature the tradition of – “Trumpets Under the Dome.” At first I felt like I must have been a pretty bad fan as a student to have missed this, because this tradition wasn’t ringing a bell to me at all during my initial discovery of ...

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Notre Dame Football: A Fan’s Guide

Photo - Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

Headed back to Notre Dame for a football weekend this fall? I have put together a list of must see things to do when headed back to campus. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment … what are your favorite things to do/places to go? Let’s start out with food. A weekend at Notre Dame typically includes food at the following two establishments … CJ’s and Tippecanoe Place. CJ’s is our Friday night dinner place. CJ’s is known for their great pub burgers, and has been a student favorite since 1984. When I was in school, CJ’s was just ...

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Where Are They Now: Shawn Wooden

Shawn Wooden sealed Notre Dame's last victory over  #1 ranked team with one of the most memorable plays in Notre Dame history almost 20 years ago.  (Photo - Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

This is article is provided courtesy of Lisa Kelly at No Coast Bias.  Be sure to check out the rest of her “Where Are They Now” series which catches up with Irish players from past years. For someone who wanted an Ivy League education more than playing college football, Shawn Wooden’s successful nine-year NFL career may seem to be something of a surprising accomplishment. The Philadelphia native played cornerback at Notre Dame, memorably batting down a pass from eventual Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward to preserve an epic 1993 win over Florida State. He moved on to play defensive back ...

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