Brian Kelly Blue-Gold Press Conference

Brian Kelly was in mid-season form on the sidelines of Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday, his offense, however, unfortunately was not. (Photo - Matt Cashore / USPresswire)

Brian Kelly concluded Spring Practice for 2012 on Saturday by addressing the media after the annual Blue-Gold game and while there was plenty for him to be happy about, he had plenty to be concerned about as well.

Here’s the entire video of Kelly addressing the media as he answered questions about his offenses ball security issues and the quarterback race that will continue on into the summer and eventually fall camp before Kelly and Chuck Martin tab their starter.

Post-Season Notre Dame Football Stock Report

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  1. kevhurls 6 years ago

    Quandry: What about Gunner? He is a hard-working kid who chose NotreDame over IU and LSU. However, he just doesn’t seem t o be “a good fit” for BK’s offense. WE NEED TONY RICE! (’90) It looks like Golson is the man to take this offense to a NotreDame caliber. Tony Rice used to run Holtz’ option masterfully. National Champs, 1988. Lou was forced (it seems to me) to run a more “pro-style” offense following the option. And NotreDame’s success was compromised. Molnar seemed to be trending toward that same offense and (thank you UMass for taking Molnar away from NotreDame) we are not doomed to mediocrity. The new OC (can’t recall his name) has promise! He is a Kelly-confidant and, I hope, more “creatively responsive” than Molnar. GO IRISH!

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  2. George 6 years ago

    “Bridged the gap” is the perfect way to put it. That being said, I LOVED how Kelly put Tommy in at halftime of the first game of the season.

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  3. Jim 6 years ago

    Agreed…Golson appears to be the real deal as a spread QB. I love Tommy and I think he bridged the gap for the Irish, but I think Tommy has topped out. For me, you start Golson, have Hendrix as your backup and relegate Rees to 3rd string.

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  4. Ed 6 years ago

    If the starter isn’t Everett Golson I’m going to commit suicide. I have had It with Turnover Tommy Rees. And have had It with Kelly for playing him.

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