S3E11: Breaking Down Notre Dame’s Annoying CMU Game, What It Will Take to Pull Upset Over Ohio State

Greg and Frank were able to pod together again this week to talk about Notre Dame’s game against Central Michigan and to look ahead to this weekend’s showdown with Ohio State. The lads discussed:

  • Why the CMU performance wasn’t really indicative of anything but was annoying
  • Concerns from the first four games heading into the Ohio State game
  • How much fun it was to see some deep ball passing
  • Why the defense struggled at times on Saturday
  • Stats that would be indicative of a Notre Dame upset this weekend
  • What a win over Ohio State would mean short-term and long-term
  • An unplanned rant on Michigan’s Charmin soft schedule
  • Why we didn’t like the decision to kick a long field goal at the end of the first half
  • Snack talk

*Note: we recorded BEFORE the big news of the commitment of Deuce Knight to Notre Dame on Monday afternoon.

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