Notre Dame Football Season Archive

YearCoachRecordFinal RankingResults
2021Brian Kelly11-2AP: 8
Coaches: 9
2021 Schedule
2020Brian Kelly10-2AP: 5
Coaches: 5
2020 Schedule
2019Brian Kelly11-2AP: 12
Coaches: 11
2019 Schedule
2018Brian Kelly12-1AP: 5
Coaches: 5
2018 Schedule
2017Brian Kelly10-3AP: 11
Coaches: 11
2017 Schedule
2016Brian Kelly4-8NR2016 Schedule
2015Brian Kelly10-3AP: 11
Coaches: 12
2015 Schedule
2014Brian Kelly8-5NR2014 Schedule
2013Brian Kelly9-4AP: 21
Coaches: 24
2013 Schedule
2012Brian Kelly12-1AP: 4
Coaches: 3
2012 Schedule
2011Brian Kelly8-5NR2011 Schedule
2010Brian Kelly8-5NR2010 Schedule
2009Charlie Weis6-6NR2009 Schedule
2008Charlie Weis7-6NR2008 Schedule
2007Charlie Weis3-9NR2007 Schedule
2006Charlie Weis10-3AP: 17
Coaches: 19
2006 Schedule
2005Charlie Weis9-3AP: 9
Coaches: 11
2005 Schedule

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One Comment

  1. WEIS last 3 years 16-21 could not recruit or HEAD COACH a team!!! SAME thing at KANSAS fat blow-hard just an average offensive coordinator with an EGO the size of his waistline!! OVERATED , OVERWIEGHT AND OVER-PAID !! And deceived ND with talk of leaving for the NFL, which we found out was a big FAT lie to get more $$ !! THERES the worst person you can have, SCREWED his own ALMA MATER!! And they built a special home for his daughter, what a piece of sh.t he was and is!!!!!

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