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  1. Troy 2 weeks ago

    News feed 2 weeks old????

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    1. 2 weeks ago

      Thanks for pointing that out. We did an upgrade they must have broken something. I’ll take a look at it this weekend.

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      1. 5 days ago

        The news feed should be working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  2. Hunter 3 months ago

    ND;s linemen, linebackers are looking better.

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  3. Troy 4 months ago

    What’s the deal with College Spun cluttering up the news feed with non-ND articles?

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  4. james mcfadden 7 months ago

    coach Kelly—–how about temple’s dc——are you considering him as a canidate at notre dame ?

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    1. james mcfadden 7 months ago

      please someone mention temple’s defensive co ordinator to coach kelly

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  5. Hunter 7 months ago

    ND defeats Wake Forest 2017

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  6. HURLS 9 months ago

    @TonLynn – Don’t know for sure re:Corey, but I speak from experience. I suffered severe brain damage in a “car incident” @ ND in 1985. (between ND & SMC; hit-n-run is NOT an “accident”) Corey is being wicked-smart (I am from Boston) by stepping-away from football, which I THINK is an answer to your question. God gives you one brain and brains don’t recover like broken bones. Once brain (like spine – the CNS) cells are dead, they stay dead. So let us congratulate Corey for deciding NOT to endanger his brain further.

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  7. jeff 10 months ago

    He d
    ecided to play basketball

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  8. Tom Lynn 10 months ago

    Where is Corey Robinson? Did he graduate? I thought he had another year of eligibility. Thank you Tom Lynn

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    1. jeff 8 months ago

      Several concussions led to Corey stepping away from playing football. He is however a student coach for the team

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