Notre Dame Heisman Trophy Winners

  • Photo of John Huarte

    John Huarte

    NOBODY saw this one coming! John Huarte was from California, a prized prospect from an emerging Catholic prep school, Santa Ana Mater Dei, which would later produce Heisman honoree Matt…

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  • Photo of Paul Hornung

    Paul Hornung

    Paul Hornung’s path to the Heisman Trophy was filled with intrigue, surprise and adventure, and finished in what is arguably the most controversial Heisman Trophy Award. Hornung was a legendary schoolboy…

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  • Photo of John Lattner

    John Lattner

    It seemed that Notre Dame’s Heisman Trophy winners were following a Westward sojourn.  Angelo Bertelli, from Springfield, MA, was the first and next was John Lujack of Connellsville in Western PA.…

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  • Photo of Leon Hart

    Leon Hart

    Leon Hart was a big player for Notre Dame.  He was actually the BIGGEST Heisman Trophy Winner of all time. Hart was born in Pittsburgh, and was recruited to Notre…

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  • Photo of Johnny Lujack

    Johnny Lujack

    John Lujack was born and raised in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh.  Lujack was a four sport athlete at Connellsville, and was an RKG, graduating as both the Valedictorian and Senior…

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  • Photo of Angelo Bertelli

    Angelo Bertelli

    The Heisman Trophy was first awarded in 1935 by New York’s Downtown Athletic Club as the “Downtown Athletic Club Trophy.” John Heisman, the former coach at Georgia Tech, was the athletic…

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  • Photo of Tim Brown

    Tim Brown

    Notre Dame was in a 24 year Heisman drought, its longest since the award was established in 1935. Then Tim Brown ended the drought when he won his Heisman in…

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