Podcast: Notre Dame 10-Man Gate Aftermath, Questioning the Irish Offense’s Ceiling Moving Forward

Greg and Frank talked out the aftermath of Notre Dame’s devastating loss to Ohio State this past weekend. Did it make either of them feel better? No, but it was therapeutic in an everything is horrible right now kind of way. The lads discussed:

  • The lasting effect of the 10 men on the field fiasco
  • How critical of a week this is for Marcus Freeman
  • An epic rant about the “Mickey Mouse” offense Notre Dame is utilizing by refusing to be vertical
  • Sobering stats on how effective Chris Tyree and Tobias Merriweather are and how little they are used
  • Second guessing Notre Dame’s last offensive drive
  • How the Irish will respond this weekend against Duke
  • Why this week being a road game is beneficial
  • Why we hated the lack of Audric Estime to close out the game

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  1. Lou Holtz threw Freeman under the bus…twice.
    First, he provided Ryan Smith et al with all the extra personal determination and motivational speech material they could have imagined before the game.
    Then on Tuesday — in the same Tuesday interview where he made an apology to Freeman for ill-advisedly running off his mouth — Holtz the Mouth couldn’t help himself.
    Saying how “ND mistakes” in the final two minutes, including not forcing Ohio State to use all its TO’s before their final possession, cost the Irish a win.

    Freeman: “Thanks for the apology, Lou. Next time, please don’t back the bus up on us.
    Better yet, surrender your driver’s license.

    1. Marcus Freeman has been elevated prematurely to the level of frank Leahy,Ara parsegian, and Moses. He has demonstrated he’s not ANY of those things. He’s failed to close out any 5-star recruits; he’s lost,in a couple cases,ignominiously all his big games; his explanation with respect to “10 men” is hollow. Ohio state subbed,he was entitled to do so too,with out penalty. It’s happened before,e.g. Tennessee state. Who would I rather have? an 86-year old l.holtz.

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