UHND.com Community Rules

Goal and Expectations

We are here to promote and maintain discussion of Notre Dame football. All posters are expected to stay within the topic of the forum. The topic is open to discussion in the Open Forum, where the rules are slightly relaxed. However, obscene material is never acceptable. Behavior considered detrimental to the flow of discussion on any of the forums may result in post removal, account suspension, or account termination. Please be familiar with the following rules before posting on this site.

UHND’s 10 Commandments

  1. One account per user. If you wish to change your account name, you need to contact us via email. Don’t sign up for a second account.
  2. Discussion will get heated at times, but limit personal attacks. Persistent “stalking” of other posters will absolutely not be permitted.
  3. Flaming the board will not be tolerated. All opinions, positive and negative are welcome. However, keep in mind that this is a Notre Dame football forum. Posts that do not add to the discourse, or posts put up with the sole intention of baiting others will be removed. Two sentence “we suck” posts are examples of this. Posters who are fans of other teams need to keep this in mind while participating here.
  4. Read more, post less. Do not dominate the board with many posts/replies. If you account for a large percentage of the posts on any of the forums, you may hear from the mods. Quality, not quantity. Don’t start a new thread on a topic that is still on the front page.
  5. Administrative decisions (removal of a post, or removal of a poster) are not up for discussion on the board. Contact us privately if you have an issue.
  6. Follow directions of the mods. If you are asked to stop behavior considered detrimental to the forum (regardless of whether or not it’s covered here), you need to follow those directions. Failure to do so will result in account suspension, or a permanent ban.
  7. No free email providers are accepted with your registration. We’re sorry, we know it’s inconvenient, but it has caused us trouble in the past with certain posters.
  8. POSTS IN ALL CAPS, or new threads that contain a subject and no message body will be deleted. This is a discussion forum, so new threads should present a topic. Also, we’re not here to police your spelling and grammar, but posts that are unreadable may be deleted.
  9. No advertising on the forum, of any kind, without prior approval from either Frank or Kyle.
  10. Account suspensions are temporary “timeouts” from the board, given to posters who fail to follow the rules. Depending on the offense, multiple suspensions may result in a permanent ban. This is up to the discretion of the board moderators.

NOTE: Rules are *almost* completely relaxed on the Gameday Board, where all sorts of whining, bitching, and fighting are permitted to take place. The Gameday Board is available for a 24 hour period on gamedays, and cleared of content prior to the following weekend.

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