Podcast: In the Aftermath of Cincy Loss, Is it Time for a Change at QB for Notre Dame?

For the first time this season, we pod after a loss and it’s definitely not as fun as podcasting after a win. Notre Dame’s offense struggled again today and this time it cost the Irish their first loss of the season. We break down all that went wrong for Notre Dame while spending a lot of time devoted to the quarterback position.

  • Is it time to make a change at QB?
  • What happened at wide receiver?
  • How much blame does Brian Kelly and Tommy Rees get for the loss?
  • How much blame does the defense deserve?
  • Why this game was so disappointing

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  1. LIfe’s funny.
    Brian Kelly’s name made the list for the ND job because of the play of Cincy QB Zach Collaros.
    Since being at ND, Kelly has destroyed or driven off every QB who has shown up.

  2. No imagination nor reasoning by the offensive play callers. No screens? No draws? No reverses? No gimmicks? Very vanilla and simple/predictable for the defense to take advantage. No observable exploiting of our players attributes. Play calling was atrocious; such as attacking between the tackles in the second half as if something was going to change to our advantage. Constantly using a three or four man front on defense in obvious passing situations which allowed extra time for their QB to pick out open receivers. I’m sorry to exclaim that this loss was on the coaches. A good example of this parody of a game was todays Oregon State – Washington game. The Beavers, without much talent, were successfully coached to a win over the Huskies. The Irish, loaded with talent, stumbled and bumbled in an attempt to defeat Cincinnati. Coach Kelly, I implore you and your staff to study that game, especially the play calling.

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