“Notre Dame really wowed me and I had a change of heart.”

Up until a recent trip to Notre Dame, defensive tackle Omar Hunter was widely considered a lock for Michigan. Hunter told the South Bend Tribune, however, that his recent trip blew him away.

Hunter visited Notre Dame unofficially Wednesday and Thursday before heading to Michigan Thursday and Friday. If you’d asked him prior to the visit who was leading, it would have been the team he grew up cheering for. And that team wasn’t the Irish.“I really was leaning toward Michigan,” Hunter said. “(Notre Dame) really wowed me and I had a change of heart.”

Reading quotes like that have to bring a smile to the faces of Notre Dame fans. It’s been a long time since Notre Dame was able to bring in elite prospects like Hunter and completely wow them and win them over like that on a regular basis.

I really can overstate how big of a recruiting win this was for Notre Dame because of how it all played out. Not only is Hunter an impact recruit at a major position of need but this was a battle Notre Dame was losing by a fairly wide margin up until last week’s visit.

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