Brady Quinn Continues to Fall, Browns Looking to Trade Up

Detroit, Cleveland, Minnesota, and Miami – all teams with obvious quarterback needs – all passed on Brady Quinn already today and with the New York Giants on the clock at #20, Quinn remains undrafted.  No one thought Quinn would fall this far down in the first round, but right now theres a lot of rumors that the Browns are looking to trade back up into the first round to select Quinn.

Cleveland was thought to be a likely destination for Quinn at the 3rd pick before they drafted Joe Thomas, an offensive tackle out of Wisconsin, and would certainly end up with one of the best draft coups in years if they somehow managed to land Thomas AND Quinn.  Both ESPN and NFL Network have reported these rumors and Quinn himself acknowledged he heard something similar during his last interview on ESPN.

Should a trade not occur, there are only a handful of teams remaining in the first round with quarterback needs.  Jacksonville at 21st could be tempted to draft Quinn with Byron Leftwich falling out of favor.  Kansas City at 23rd has just been reported to be seriously interested in Quinn at 23rd by Suzy Kolber of ESPN.  Kolber also reported that Quinn’s agent has received calls from three teams expressing interest in Quinn.

Kansas City would  be a pretty nice destination for Quinn if he falls into their lap.  With a premier running attack led by Larry Johnson, Quinn would have the benefit of playing in a very balanced offense.

Stay tuned as we’ll have plenty more on Quinn’s free fall and subsequent draft selection when it occurs.

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  1. How lucky are the Browns for getting the best left tackle as well as the best quarterback in the draft??? I see bright things for this program…at least offensively.

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