Notre Dame Gameday FAQ: Syracuse ’16

Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire
Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Get ready for today’s Notre Dame game with this week’s Gameday FAQ!

Who does Notre Dame play today?

Notre Dame is Syracuse at Met Life Stadium.  Notre Dame last played Syracuse two years winning 31-15.  That Notre Dame team, however, was ranked #8 in the country and brought in an undefeated record with them.  This one limps in at 1-3 with possibly their bowl hopes on the line today.

For more background on Syracuse, we caught up with the ‘Cuse blog Tory Nunes is an Absolute Magician for some insight on the Orange.

Who is starting at quarterback for Notre Dame tonight?

Deshone Kizer will once again start at quarterback for the Fighting Irish today although Brian Kelly called his play last wee unacceptable.  Kizer’s starting job does not appear to be on the line but Kelly was not shy about mentioning that Malik Zaire is a great quarterback as well and is just waiting for his chance.

Where is the Notre Dame game being played today?

The Irish and Orange will play in the home of the New York football Giants – Met Life Stadium.  Notre Dame last played there in that 2014 game against Syracuse and have played there just one other time – an embarrassing 35-17 loss to Navy in Brian Kelly’s first season at Notre Dame.

Prior to Met Life opening, the home of the Giants – Giants Stadium or the original Meadowlands, was much kinder on Notre Dame.  The Irish held an 11-0 record there with the most recent contest a 27-9 victory over Navy in 2004.   The first game ever coached by Tyrone Willingham at Notre Dame occurred at the Meadowlands as well.

What time is the Notre  Dame game today?

A rare early kick-off for Notre Dame today with a 12:00 PM ET/9:00 AM PT start time.  The start time of this game was only announced last week and almost certainly would not have been so early had the Irish not gotten off to such a terrible start this season.

What channel is the Notre Dame game on today?

Today’s game will be broadcast on ESPN nationally.


Is today’s Notre Dame game available for online streaming?

Yes, the game is available on the Watch ESPN APP and at

What is the weather forecast for today’s game?

There is a chance for rain throughout the day in the New York/New Jersey area this morning and afternoon.  At a minimum, there will be cloudy skies all throughout the game along with a chance of showers.


Who is favored in today’s Notre Dame game?

Notre Dame has been a double digit favorite throughout the week despite their 1-3 record.  The line did dip under 10 at one point this week but bounced back to 10 this morning.


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  1. Perhaps D Money, the Bahamaian Damian or D Shizzle. Endless options.

    Because after all the integrity of this site is paramount.

  2. I’ve been posting here for almost 10 years and this is the first I’ve ever seen of my doppelganger. So no chance.

    And it’s important to the administrators because if people start doubting the integrity of the site they’ll start going elsewhere for their ND news. I’ve seen it happen to other websites that don’t monitor their comment boards.

  3. Maybe you’re not the first Damian and he should report you. I’m sure the admin team will get right on this as it is a matter of national security.

  4. I’m trying to be fair to Hudson, because the D was a mess under BVG. It’ll take time to fix. The first half defense looked largely the same.

    One thing I did see though is the defense made some adjustments coming out of halftime and Syracuse only managed 7 points. That was something they never did under BVG. So I was happy to see that. Right now I just want to see some gradual improvement week to week on the D.

    For now I’ll take the win, but I agree this doesn’t mean all is right with the world at ND. If they win out the rest of their games and start showing improvement week to week overall, and win their bowl game, maybe I’ll feel better about where they are headed. Right now, though, Stanford still feels like a loss, USC could be another as they are looking better week to week, and no game is really a gimme.

    A lot of people mention Herman is a coach with a bright future, but the timing may be off since I doubt there would be any change at least for another year. I think LSU is going to try to nab him, and that’s even assuming he will leave Houston. If Houston is admitted to the Big 12, I think it likely he may decide to stay put. But there are others like him out there that could be tapped. I hear good things even about Sanford on BK’s staff, though I’m hesitant since he’s on BK’s staff (should that be held against him? I’m not sure). One advantage is since he is already on staff, it makes it easier to hold on to recruits.

    But established coaches, not likely. They can pretty much have what they want where they are at. And maybe not necessary. I think it was Bruce GC who pointed out many of our past elite coaches weren’t elite before coming to ND. So maybe we focus too much on trying to find an already established elite coach. I thought BK was the one, an up and coming coach who had proven success, and overall, he was an improvement over D/W/W. But it just seems he can’t take that next step, ND can’t seem to beat the elite teams. And of course now the team is moving backwards, a very ominous sign for the future under BK. Maybe it won’t be as bad as 2007, but it looks like 2008 or 2009. Maybe they won’t be pathetically bad, but they look at best to be mediocre this year, and with the players and it being year 7, that is unacceptable at this point.

    Oh, and I reported the issue to the administrator.

  5. Damian,

    I think we can tell who’s who, but reach out to Frank or someone to get this resolved. Confirm your email and tell them to block any other email address using your login name.

    As of the game, I’m not with the win is a win crowd. Having said that, you can’t win 20 games in a row without winning one first. So perhaps this is the first of many wins to come. At least we can hope, right?

    The D is just weak. But there seem to be very few truly great Ds in college football today. What I saw Washington do to Stanford this weekend was fantastic! I know bj and others hope we go after UW’s coach. I don’t think he’ll leave what he’s building in Washington to try to rebuild the mess at ND.

    Rather than a retread, ND will have to hope to catch lightning in bottle with a young up and coming coach. That didn’t work with BD or BK. But it worked with Ara. Unless the ND administration makes a very public commitment to the football program, I don’t see an established coach like Les Miles coming to S. Bend.

    Your thoughts?

  6. No, not yet. It happened last weekend but then it stopped so I thought it was done. But I’ll have to get on it since it happened again.

  7. Damian,

    Have you reached out to the administrators personally?

    To the administrators: Please fix this problem for Damian.

  8. The 3rd comment above is not mine. I’m getting a little tired of somebody posting with my name ID and also that it is allowed to continue. The moderators have my e-mail so they know what posts belong to me.

    One hint a comment is not mine is I avoid using profanity in my posts. Also, while I like a good argument, I don’t resort to name calling, so if my doppelganger is ever offensive, it is NOT me.

  9. George,

    The problem is so many here think that it’s acceptable for ND to lose to the likes of MSU. I want ND to get back t the point when it wasn’t acceptable to get beat by anyone.

    I don’t understand how some people on this site are so cavalier about how poor the state of ND football is and has been for long time. It’s like they would rather appear to be loyal than demand excellence. That’s just not acceptable to me.

    My bottom line is demand that ND get back to a place where it’s playing for NCs on a consistent basis. If that’s not what you want to see for ND football, then there are a few other teams in the state of IN you can go root for.

    How does ND get back there? Obviously it will take a better coach than BK. Perhaps ND can lure a can’t miss legend. Doubtful. More likely, ND will have to capture lightning in a bottle with a young coach, like Ara was hen he first came to ND. Regardless of who the coach is, the ND administration will have to work with them like they did with Lou.

    Perhaps ND football will never be great again. Perhaps. But I just won’t accept that. Anyone who does is not a loyal son of ND.

    Go Irish!

  10. Speaking of getting attacked for making indisputable comments, I posted something similar to you, SFR about ND getting vanquished by second rate teams, and I was met with name calling and illogical berating. I feel like many ND fans gave us a pass on getting ehnilated by MSU, which I cannot comprehend. Texas is no good either.

  11. bj has actually proven to be far more prophetic than you, Burgy, although I appreciate your archival efforts. Too bad you never seem to be able to dig them up when they could actually settle a debate. But good try nonetheless.

    As for my comment, I stand by it. Don’t recall the context but I’m sure some misguided fool picked a fight with me. No doubt an excuse maker for mediocrity. I also probably apologized at some point to this person for being over the top. Perhaps you can find that in your archives, Burgy.

    As for the two factions, I would say you’re the only regular on here who belongs to neither. Never really making a substantive point allows you to plead ignorance.

  12. Thanks for defining the two factions. Very helpful.
    2 questions:
    Which one does bj fall into?
    Which one does the following comment belong in?

    November 3, 2013 at 2:01 am
    The only bitch here is you, internet tough guy. Go make your stupid predictions to someone who gives a damn, like your other little bitch friends, who probably are as big losers as you!

    If you don’t like the truth, stick to your comic books and sci fi geek conventions.

    Perhaps a little bitch like you is OK with seeing ND barely beat Navy while FSU blows out a top 10 team. So be it. I can’t help you’re an inbred retard.

    What’s getting old is little bitch excuse makers like you.

    Go root for Purdue loser!

  13. I wonder how Texas and Duke faired after their program defining wins against BK’s juggernaut ND team?

  14. George,

    There are essentially two action on this site:

    1) The realists, who call it like they see it, good or bad; the realists are sometimes called “Debbie Downers” by the second faction;
    2) The eternal optimists, who no matter how bad ND is, they believe everything is great, and anyone who doesn’t agree is a”Debbie Downer”; the eternal optimists are also known as the “pie in the sky” or “head up the ass” crowd.

    For too long the second faction has dictated to the first the terms of discussion on this site. They have no problems questioning loyalties and resorting to name calling.

    I’ve always been of the opinion one can be both loyal and critical. In fact I don’t see how anyone can be a true ND fan and settle for mediocrity of the kind we’ve been seeing of late.

  15. Great points SFR. I’m amazed at some of the indisputable observations I document here, then get attacked for.

  16. George,

    If BK’s team was just half as good as the excuse makers here, they’d be #1!

    I’ve said once, I’ll say again, with fans who settle for this crap, who needs the haters?!

  17. Bury,

    Are you telling me there isn’t an anti-ND bias? I guess there’s not an anti-NY Yankees bias either?

    It’s well known ND has been and is hated, not only for past football success, for what it stands for, but also for being Catholic. See C-Dog’s point above.

    Stick to the silly schtick, Burgy. That’s more your speed.

    Go Irish!

  18. I was wondering why it took so long for the ND bias card to be played this season.
    I mean imagine if a major network only covered one college football team, oh wait.

  19. Patrick feels just super about having to fire our DC after a historic loss to Dook. It’s all good. Just a silly football season. It’s wonderful in South Bend.

  20. You’re right, Patrick, it was a brilliant first half by ND against a powerhouse Syracuse team. This team clearly has no issues we as fans need to point out. After all, the Cuse and Bama are practically one and the same. So it’s laudable to give up all those yards and points to mighty Syracuse.

    At 2-3 the sky is not falling. It’s pie in the sky instead. It’s a great season!

  21. SFR,
    I agree about the booth rooting against ND. In fact it made me recall the Dana Jacobson incident. I checked on that and recalled that she was given nothing but a 1 week suspension. Imagine if she made those kind of comments about a cross dresser. The protest would be intense and probably cause ESPN to shut down in several states. Do Catholic lives matter?

    That is why if Notre Dame is to continue to play in D-1, it’s paramount to represent properly. The continued mistakes in fundamental areas and across all units, offense, defense AND special teams shows that the attention to detail in spring and during summer camp was not done. That’s on the head coach. Kelly needs to take responsibility for letting all that happen.

  22. Now let’s see if the Irish put this away or decide to keep Syracuse around till the end of the game.

    Go Irish!

    Beat the Cuse!

  23. ND should be able to run it right at this feeble SU defense. Shouldn’t need zone reads, jet sweeps ect today.

  24. I always fin the anti-ND rooting from the booth annoying.

    I wish NBC would at least strive for some balance and get an ND homer onboard. What’s Aaron Taylor doing these days? Here’s a guy who plays and knows the game. Was pretty good commentator from what I recall.

    Win or lose, this team is a train wreck.

  25. does anybody else find the incessant talking of brock huard annoying? are tv commenters on piecework, do they get paid by the word?

  26. May be ND should hire BB for D coordinator since he’s so smart, wise, good writer, knowledgeable about football, etc.

    What a poorly coached team!

    So much for Hudson.

  27. As you must have noticed, George, there is a talented group of excuse makers on this site.

    So much for my earlier statement about the STs playing well.

    Keeping bad teams in games long enough to upset you: That’s ND!

  28. Yes, but that applies to all games they’ve played this year. And earlier this week I argued that the O-line is a huge disappointment, but all I heard in response was assumptions about how much talent is on this team and a bunch of excuses.

  29. Make no mistake, George, if ND loses, it will be as much on the O as on the D. Kizer has missed some easy throws including one for a sure TD to Stepherson. 2 red zone trips for 3 points. That’s old-time BK O.

    When you know your D can’t stop anyone then you need TDs every time>

  30. O line is so overrated! Can’t even run consistently on Syracuse. The most overrated bunch in college football. All hype!

  31. “hypocrisy” implies that the refs have an idea about how to perform their jobs. In reality they’re just making it up as they go.

    This game is a joke, and the two teams are extremely evenly matched. But I know, I know…ND has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent.

  32. Now we’ll see the hypocrisy of the targeting penalty. Recall the Texas game. What crap!

    Regardless, the D stinks. The O had a chance to widen the lead twice and didn’t. Right now only STs, minus Newsome, is holding its own.

    Epic shit show, indeed, Damian!

  33. Just some random thoughts on Brian Kelly. I believe Kelly is a good coach however I feel he is not surrounded by a great staff. There are units on this team that are not performing up to their talent. Booker needs to be replaced. Special should be really good with the talent Notre dame has but are very inconsistent and don’t impact the games unless in a negative way. Tight ends have regressed under Booker. Let denbrrock coach the tight ends as well as the receivers. Make Sanford sole in charge of the offense. Game planning, playcalling, scheme philosophy. Finally bring in a great d coordinator outside hire. If Kelly makes these changes I believe 2017 could be really good.

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