Anthony Fasano front-runner to start for Dolphins

The Sun Sentinel says that former Notre Dame tight end is the front runner to start at TE for the Dolphins this year.

Tight end Anthony Fasano – The quarterback spot isn’t the only starting job that’s wide open on offense. The battle to become the starting tight end will also be a headed one, and it’s hard not to make Fasano the front-runner considering the second round pick (in Dallas) and the fourth round pick (in Miami) the Trifecta’s invested into this 24-year-old. Fasano has started 11 games in his two seasons as a Cowboy, which gives him an experience edge over every tight end on the roster except David Martin, who contributed a career-high 34 receptions last season but was a suspect blocker. Fasano likely wins the spot if he can catch AND block effectively.

Good for Fasano. He was never going to be able to really showcase his skills in Dallas behind Jason Witten and it looks like his fresh start in Miami will be very good for him.

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