Eric Shrive to Penn State

Notre Dame received the first blow to its 2009 recruiting class Thursday when Eric Shrive made a surprise commitment to Penn State.

West Scranton offensive lineman Eric Shrive, one of the top offensive line prospects in the state, committed to Penn State’s 2009 class Thursday, according to a report in the Scranton Times.

The addition of Shrive is somewhat of a surprise, as most recruiting experts believed Notre Dame was in the the lead for his services.

Shrive is considered one of the best offensive linemen in the country and was thought to be at the top of Notre Dame’s wish list. Tall, athletic tackles like Shrive are hard to come by and are a hot commodity in football as evidenced by the Dolphins taking Jake Long #1 overall in last month’s draft.

What makes matters even more disappointing is that Shrive was considered to be all but a lock for the Irish just a couple months ago.

With Shrive off the board, Weis and staff will most likely have the full court press on Xavier Nixon as their top tackle.

I updated our 2008 Recruiting Board with Shrive’s commitment.

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  1. No, you can’t get everybody you go after, buy you have to lock up the kids who grew up rooting for you – especially when they are 5 star talents and are at your biggest position of need.

    This was a pretty big loss, even though it’s early. Shrive was almost gift wrapped for us, and he ended up at PSU.

  2. Yes it does, let’s hope we get Xavier Nixon who some believe may be better than Shrive. Still a huge blow to lose a kid who grew up rooting for ND this freaking early.

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