Notre Dame to the 2009 Gator Bowl?

College Football News produced a list of very early bowl predictions for the 2008 season recently, and they have the Irish matched up against Miami.

I must say that I am a bit surprised.  CFN usually has “doom and gloom” type predictions for the Irish so it is very interesting to see them predict good things for Notre Dame this year.

A potential matchup with Miami would renew the short lived rivalry that brewed between the schools during the Lou Holtz/Jimmy Johnson Eras at both schools.  There is still no love loss between the schools and a bowl matchup between the two would be wildly entertaining.

While the scenario is indeed intriguing, it’s probably a little too early to be thinking about bowl matchups coming off a 3-9 season, but hey, it’s only May, we still have  three and a half long months until the season gets here so why not?

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  1. Well, the good news is that after blowing yet another game, there’s little to no chance we’ll have to put up with the Lackadaisical Irish in Florida on New Year’s. Thank goodness!

  2. Yeah, Im with Frankie and Irishspartan. I would be very happy with a Gator bowl berth and a W. I couldnt even show my face last year with some of my friend because of the ribbing I would get. Kevin I would love to live in the “Glory Days” if there were any to live in right now. I think there is a lot of upside to this years team and it cant get worse. Mich St, USC, Pitt are only preseason teams that ND plays that look like will be ranked. Im hoping for the best.

  3. I agree with irishspartan here. After a 3-9 season, I think the Gator Bowl might be a best case scenario this year. I would also much rather see ND in a winnable bowl game instead of the highest profile game we can get in against a team that we don’t match up well against (see Fiesta and Sugar Bowls).

  4. You mean their “sights”? Don’t let your pride in the ND “glory days” cloud the facts of last season, and the bowl game win drought, Kevin. I’d be more than happy to have ND in the Gator Bowl. Although not BCS, it’s a solid bowl game, and would potentially pose ND against an opponent that it could have a legitimate chance against (see: Ohio State, LSU). No complaints here!

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