NR Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Penn State 14
Nittany Lions ()
  • Date: 2007-09-08 at 6:00pm ET
  • TV: ESPN
  • Location: University Park, PA (Beaver Stadium)

Penalties, Lack of Execution Plague Irish Offense

STATE COLLEGE, PA (UHND.com) – For the second week in a row, the Irish offense sputtered and stumbled over itself en route to putting just three points on the scoreboard. A conservative game plan, developed to protect a freshman quarterback, ...

Penn State – Final Review

I rewatched most of the game tonight and here are my thoughts.  Also be sure to check out WestCoastIrishFan’s as well as they are very well thought out. Offense Weis needs to shakeup the line for this weekend’s game.  Duncan’s ...

My Penn State Road Trip

I made the relatively short trek from Philly to State College this weekend to take in the Notre Dame-Penn State game and figured I’d post a recap of my little trip. 7:15 AM – Alarm goes off the first time. ...

Upon Further Review – Observations from the PSU Game

WestCoastIrishFan made some great points over on the Football Board today so I’m reposting them here so they don’t get lost amongst all of the doom and gloom posts filling up the board today. Enjoy… Got to love Tivo. I ...

With Clausen at the Helm, Offense Should Look More Familiar

NOTRE DAME, IN (UHND.com) – When Demetrius Jones lined up under center last weekend, the Notre Dame offense did not look too familiar to anyone watching. Over the last two seasons under Charlie Weis, Notre Dame has run a prototypical ...

Clausen to Start Against PSU

Charlie Weis named Jimmy Clausen the starter for Saturday's contest in Happy Valley. Clausen, who completed 4 of 6 pass attempts in mop up duty against Georgia Tech was recently given full medical clearance and will be taking the majority ...