1 Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Trojans ()
  • Date: 2012-11-24 at 8:00pm ET
  • TV: ABC
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA (LA Coliseum)

Notre Dame v. USC 2012 Game News

  • Analysis
    team usc 2012b

    Unfamiliar No More

    Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly hugged an assistant coach and Irish players stormed the field in celebration over ND’s 22-13 victory against USC, cementing a spot in the national…

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  • Notre Dame Game News
    team usc 2012

    Onward to Victory

    With another gritty Irish road win against a quality team in USC, Notre Dame has wrapped up an improbable season that’s final chapter is yet to be written. On January…

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  • Matchups
    usc matchups

    #1 Notre Dame @ USC – Key Matchups

    Notre Dame controls its own destiny, if they defeat their biggest rival, the USC Trojans, they’ll play for the national championship.  College Gameday will be on hand for the primetime…

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  • Analysis

    Destiny or Coincidence?

    Growing up in an Irish Catholic family and attending Catholic schools, superstition is all too familiar.  I heard every legend and lore there is to hear, from a bird flying…

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