“A Comeback for the Ages for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame”

Those were the words used by Brent Musburger to describe Notre Dame’s comeback against Michigan State in 2006.  ESPN Classic aired the game tonight and it was a lot of fun watching the Irish come back on the Spartans considering their recent success against Notre Dame.

Watching Brady Quinn throw the ball all over the field in the second half gave me a little hope that this year with an experienced offense that we might see that kind of success again this fall.

Here’s the Oldie highlight video from the game for you all to enjoy.


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  1. C-Dog,
    I wish I could remember 88. Man I hope in my lifetime we win another Championship. I know I might here some complaints about this but I think Charlie is the guy to do it. I think we are going to see a 10-11 win team this year. I think we are going to have a lot of great games to add to this list.

    28 more days until kickoff.

  2. @Bleed,
    I loved the whole 88′ season. It was my senior year, so I got to go to every game including the Fiesta Bowl. Beating the drug lords and rapists of Miami was the top, but watching Rodney Pete pick turf out of his face was great too. And the fact that a pre-med student beat the vaunted Wolverines and showed all the bred for football crowd that anyone can do it was great too.
    Beating Penn St. was great. I was at that game and the 93 FSU one.

    Let’s hope there are some meaningful ones this year and for the next 10. And let’s hope there are a few National Championships to add to the case.

  3. My wife went to MSU. They know why they are an average school in all facets.

    ND is about achievement, academically, or in all other aspects of life.

    The expectation that we can do anything……That’s why

    WE ARE ND!!!!

  4. I still haven’t accepted that loss. My brother and I jumping up and down hugging each other only to see the ball being placed on the one yard line. 4th and 9. F#$k me.

  5. Irishspartan: I just turned 27 and that USC game would be #1 if we won. That was like the most depressing feeling I have ever had after a football game. I sit on the goaline opposite end of Bush Push 7th row right behind the band. I remember like jumping up and down and screaming all over everyone and the guy behind me said “we did it” “we did it” then we were told there was 00:3 left on the clock and then well you know the rest. For me it was by far the biggest let down ever. For people in that stadium we thought we won for about 2 mintues. It was hard to take that away and accept it.

  6. 28 also… next month. I have to add ’88 Miami and USC to that list. USC because it was #1 vs. #2 and the last game of the year, and the first game I ever attended.

    I also want to include the ’90? USC game, where Marijuanavich failed to bring the Trojans back in South Bend in the final seconds of the game.

    It’s pretty hard to rank them all, but ’92 PSU, ’93 FSU, and ’05 USC stick out from the rest… and if we’re putting ’05 USC on the list, I have to add the ’91 Orange Bowl. The end of that game went from the greatest moment I had ever witnessed in college football, to the biggest disappointment I’d ever experienced. All in a matter of seconds. I was watching it with my family, and our relatives. That’s one I won’t forget.

    I was listening to ’06 UCLA on the radio, so it doesn’t stick out for me as much.

  7. bleedND: I’m 28 years old, and I’d have to say that those games would be the EXACT top five of mine as well!!!

    Although, DESPITE being the most painful game i’ve ever watched (barely nudging out BC ’93), i may have to put the 05 USC game on that list…that was just an incredible game that ended with BS. Fortunately, we saw the heart that the guys had that day!

    The Penn St and Florida games are some of the first games i can distinctly remember watching with my pops!!!

  8. Games that I have seen in my lifetime I’d rate this as #5.
    1.ND beating Florida St -93(my second attending ND game ever)
    2.ND beating UCLA -06 (quinn to shark)
    3.ND beating Penn St -92 (snow bowl)
    4.ND beating Florida -92 (green jerseys)
    5.ND beating Mich st -06

    Obviously ND beating WVU in 88 was our last Natl Championship but I dont remember it. I was 5.

  9. WOW, I remember that game and the feeling I had in the first half. The one thing I always hate about playing MSU is that the game is always early in the season. It always seems that if we win our first couple of games, the MSU game is always one that makes or breaks the season. An early season loss to MSU always kills us in the standings, so this will be remembered as a great win that season. Watching this highlight tape got me so pumped up for the start of the 09 season. Go IRISH!

  10. Thanks for the post- I remember I was so upset the first half that I turned the TV off- so until now I had not seen the game, so thank you.

    I am so pumped for 09 season…GO IRISH!

  11. Ditto on the goosebumps!!!

    Funny story, i watched that game at a friends house (I did my undergrad and my DVM (8 years total) at Michigan State, and have always been a die-hard Notre Dame fan, so you can imagine how much fun that was to deal with, haha!). They gave me so much crap in that first half. My brother out in California (who also went to MSU and is a huge MSU fan) kept calling me and giving me crap, all the while throwing back more and more beers. Well, he had passed out on the couch BEFORE the comeback began, so he woke up the next mornign thinking that MSU had kicked @$$, only to find out that Notre Dame had won!!!

    Hahaha…it was victory in its sweetest flavor!

  12. The best part is obviously the W which was amazing but I find it hilarious John L Smith slapped himself on National TV.

  13. I got goosebumps watching that video. I’m worse than a little kid waiting for Christmas right now, bring on the 09 Irish!

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