Notre Dame Football Highlights: Defense, Special Teams Power 58-7 Rout of Pitt

Notre Dame returned to action after the bye week looking a little rusty on offense to start, but picked up right where they left off with their defense and special teams. The Irish defense recorded four interceptions, including two more from safety Xavier Watts and a pick-6 from sophomore Jaden Mickey, while the special teams unit added another return touchdown. This week it was a tackling-breaking, 82-yard punt return from Chris Tyree. The Irish would later add another special teams touchdown on a botched punt by the Panthers. Audric Estime added three rushing touchdowns on the day giving him 12 on the season. The Irish improved to 7-2 on the season with a date with struggling Clemson coming up.

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  1. Great Defense and special teams!
    Offense however, is still a mess.
    Irish will need to avoid a letdown against the home crowd at Clemson ala Louisville.
    Clemson will be hungry for a W against ND next week.

    OC needs to step up the game plan and Hartman and O line need to show some improvement.
    Irish: Defense A Special Teams A Offense C

    1. Yes, one thing is obvious…Hartman really needs to work on the angles of his pass deflections. His tend to go to just random people, instead of ND players. Gotta do better there.

      And why can’t he be look more nervous and insecure on the field ? Maybe that’s what made ND receivers put more effort into running their routes before now. They’ve all clearly decided to mail it in because of Hartman’s irritating calmness.

      But seriously…,..WRs are only getting the 5-8 yards off the line that a DB gives as cushion. So Hartman can only dink-and-doink the ball. The only potential for big chunk pass plays is YAC.
      On long routes, WRs simply can’t break loose.

  2. The Irish were phenomenal today on Defense and maybe a little above average on Offense against a weak team. But I have to give props to David aka Davia as she was impressive today as the Notre Dame Leprechaun. Now hopefully Davia will get up on that hydraulic lift at Monday’s practice and do us all a favor and jump. I’ll pray for wind.

    1. The lift again. Are you mistaking me for a hydraulic lift salesman?

      So where were you on the night Rockne’s plane went down, Ms. Jeffebel?
      Perhaps filling out fake life insurance forms ?!!

      And did you have an internet pow wow with Donna? The post really reeks of her insight and original creative banter.

      1. Dopey dave:
        A little slow with understanding things
        Just google ND hydraulic lift accident and it might jog things in your libtard brain if yours
        Could stem from your being French Canadian???

      2. Now girls…don’t fight over me.
        There’s plenty to leave you both tiptoeing home bow legged.

  3. And the University better consider other bids for TV converse. NBC has a new shiny baby and it ain’t the Irish. That even when ratings for Notre Dame games are through the roof this year.

    ESPN would love to pimp the Irish. And maybe CBS is hungry. NBC dropped ND coverage very quickly after the game. And they really didn’t show highlights during their later games

    1. I’m not sure if you caught this, but NBC mentioned they had a conversation with Xavier Watts during the week. Jason Garett admitted that this was the first time they had talked to him since last Spring Camp. Now was that Spring of ’23 or Spring ’22? It doesn’t matter. NBC is not giving the time of day to any ND players when it comes to any player profile segments. NBC did the usual lets talk to and show plenty of times the visiting team QB’s parents and girlfriend during the game. NBC has treated ND like leftovers for a long time, way before the Big Ten TV deal. I want ND to drop NBC just as bad as anyone at this point.

  4. Offense is still suspect. Some great plays but not sustained drives that showed a good scheme.

    Special teams really showed up.

    And the defense is dominating. Wow!

    A better offense and this team could have been in the top 4 easily.

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