Maurice Stovall Has Nice NFL Debut

Maurice Stovall had a nice debut for the Bucs last night in their first preseason game. Mo caught 3 passes for 21 yards and hauled in a 2 yard touchdown, the only TD scored in the game. His stats were modest, but his blocking impressed his coach.

“Some of the blocks he made tonight, I realize it is a preseason game, but my God. He’s a very physical guy. He is a special competitor. The guy does not quit. He has a long way to go, I think, to make a real splash here. He understands that, but he’s learning, he’s working. He has a physical presence. We said that when we drafted him and when you look at this tape, you will see that on tape.” (

Stovall was said to be disappointing a little early on in camp, but its good to see he is turning it around. Stovall has been putting in some extra time after every practice and it appears to be paying off.

“At 6-5, 220 pounds, rookie wide receiver and third-round pick Maurice Stovall is hard to miss. With that frame, he’s already –almost literally – head and shoulders above most of his teammates, but he’s working extra hard to ensure he’s just as conspicuous for his skills as a wide receiver in the National Football League.

So after most practices, Stovall remains on the field, lingering behind to catch extra passes and work on his route-running. Couple that with the fact that he participates in the last period of each practice (a special teams session of which many players are not a part), and Stovall is among the last of the Buccaneers to walk off the field.” (

With his size, Stovall has a chance to be a play maker for the Bucs since they have no other wide receivers that can match his size.

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