Potential Notre Dame – Rutgers Series Nixed

According to ESPN, a potential 6 game series with Rutgers has been called off because the Scarlet Knights did not want to play home pages at the new Giants Stadium

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Irish wanted Rutgers’ three home games in the series to be played at the new Giants/Jets stadium in the Meadlowlands — a compromise that Rutgers, which is undertaking a $102 million renovation of Rutgers Stadium, was unwilling to make, according to the report.

Can’t say I blame Rutgers here.  Unlike the UConn series, Rutgers isn’t a new Division 1A football school and have made a lot of progress with their program in the last few years.   Having a “home” game in your own state where the opposing team has more fans would do them more harm than good in recruiting – especially considering how well the Irish already recruit in New Jersey. 

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  1. It is now 2011 and rutgers sports programs (mostly Football) loses about 25 million dollars a year. Its a state university so we all know who is plying for that. Looks like they should have played ND. People would actually go to the game, which is more then you can say now. People dont want to see rutgers play crap teams every week. Rutgers made a mistake, it would have been a great opportunity for exposure. They arent even on tv in jersey when they play. BAD JOB RUTGERS

  2. If the Irish have another losing season in 2008, what are the chances that Charlie Weiss would be let go?

  3. Frankie, speaking of UCONN, it was nice to see Connecticut State Representive
    Christ did not have the final say in the UCONN deal. His unprofessional name calling of ND was not well received.

    Further, whether people like it or not, it is well known NOTRE DAME is the #1 football brand worldwide!

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