Trevor Laws Q&A – Round 2

Back in March we were able to get Trevor Laws to answer some questions for us in between the NFL Combine and NFL Draft. Recently we were able to touch base with Trevor again about getting drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and his expectations for both he and Notre Dame in 2008. I will be posting a full article on the homepage a little bit later tonight, but here is the full Q & A.

Update: Just posted the full article over on the homepage.  You can read it here.

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Q. How did where you ended up being drafted compare to where you were told you would get picked?
I really had no idea where I was going to be drafted. I’d heard anywhere from late first to late third. Obviously I am thrilled to go when I did.

Q. Were you surprised to be selected by the Eagles considering they have two fairly young DT’s on the roster already in Mike Patterson and Broderick Bunkley?
I was definitely surprised to be selected by the Eagles. I had no idea that they were even interested in me. I know that learning from Mike and Broderick’s experience will be instrumental in my success here.

Q. From what you’ve learned about Jim Johnson’s attacking style defense since being drafted, how do you think it compares to what Corwin Brown ran at Notre Dame last year?
There are definitely some similarities but also some differences. Probably the biggest differences is the aggressivness of coach Johnsons defense. Simply put he gets after it. Both defefenses first focus is to shut down the run however.

Q. The Eagles have a very good collection of young defensive linemen with Trent Cole, Abiamiri, Bunkley, and Patterson, what do you see yourself adding to the mix?
I think that I am definitely going to add some great depth, along with some play making ability and high energy to the DT rotation.

Q. How difficult will it be for you to readjust to playing on the inside of the defensive line after playing on the end in Brown’s 3-4 defense?
It really hasn’t been that hard. I am used to playing inside still cause I’ve been doing it my whole life. The toughest part is just memorizing all the new defenses.

Q. Do you feel more comfortable playing on the end in a 3-4 or on the inside in a 4-3 defense?
I feel comfortable with both. I feel that physically I am a more natural inside player, but after my success as an end at Notre Dame, I think that I can do well in either position.

Q. What is the biggest difference technique wise between playing end in a 3-4 vs. tackle in a 4-3?
The initial attack. In a 3-4 you are playing more of a read technique. However, with a 4-3 it’s all about coming off the ball and attacking the LOS.

Q. Jim Johnson likes to create pressure with his interior defensive linemen, what would you say is your best pass rush move?
As of now my go to move is the spin, but don’t tell anybody.

Q. What part of your game do you think you’ll need to work on the most between now and September to see the field on September 7 against the Rams?
Pass rush will be my big emphasis. Being able to get a good push up the middle is crucial to the success of our defense.

Q. How much did you talk to fellow Notre Dame alum Victor Abiamiri during his rookie season with the Eagles last year and what will it be like being reunited with him?
It’s awesome to be playing with Vic again. He was my roommate for two years in college and we are still very close. I actually saw him a few weeks before the draft and he gave me all kinds of advice to help me prepare. We never imagined I’d end up in Philly. It’s great.

Q. What, if anything, has Victor told you about the differences between training camp, practices, game preparation, etc between playing for Weis at ND vs playing for Coach Reid in Philly?
He just said get your mind right, get your body right, because you are in for a crazy time.

Q. Speaking of game preparation, what did you do in college to prepare for an opponent and do you see that changing any now that you are in the NFL?
No real rituals or anything. I just like to clear my head and get ready for the battle.

Q. How much do you expect to play in 2008 based on what the Philadelphia coaching staff has told you?
Hopefully a good amount. I look to back up the two starters and be in that rotation. DTs in the NFL don’t play the whole game, and JJ likes to rotate a lot on the line, so I’m hoping to get in there as much as possible.

Q. Philadelphia fans are quite a bit different than Notre Dame fans, what are your thoughts on playing for a team with such a rabid, and at times notorious, fan base?
I just hope I can win them over. My plan is to work hard, make plays, and build their faith in me.

Q. Have you enjoyed some of the treats of Philly such as the cheese steaks and soft pretzels yet?
I have enjoyed some great Philly food. I was taken to Pat’s my first day in Philly. It was delicious. I am a food guy, so I can’t wait to try more great Philly food!

Q. You mentioned in our last interview that the first thing you were going to buy once you signed an NFL contract was a tempurpedic bed, is that still the case?
I am still planning on buying the tempurpedic bed. King-sized, of course. I need to find a place to put it first. I have been spending my free time looking for a place to live in Philly.

Q. Did you have time to take in the Blue Gold Game last week? If so, what were your thoughts of the team?
Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to watch the Blue Gold game, but I know those guys and how hard they have been working this past winter. I am confident that they can have a successful season this fall if they keep at the pace Coach Weis has set for them. I’m excited to see how they do this year. I’ll definitely have my eye on them!

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