Charlie Still Calling the Plays

Weis opened his weekly Tuesday by announcing that he will call plays for the rest of the season after calling plays for the first time this year against Navy.

As far as play calling goes. This week, Mike Haywood is going to be missing some practice for personal reasons. I support these personal reasons. But he’ll be missing some practice again. And with that being said, followed up by a short week next week for the rest of the regular season I will be handling the play calling on offense.

I think this is the right move by Weis.  The offense showed some signs of life on Saturday and the play calling to start the second half was vintage Weis.  He took exactly what the defense was giving him instead of trying to force the ball down field into a seven man zone.

Giving up play calling duties in the off-season was a big move for Weis and unfortunately it did not work out as well as anyone hoped.  With a weak Syracuse defense coming into town this weekend, hopefully we’ll see more of the vintage Weis play calling and an offense that resembles the one we saw in 2005 and 2006.

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