Notre Dame – Purdue Kickoff Time Set

5319370_notre_dame_v_purdueThe kickoff time for the 2009 Notre Dame-Purdue game has officially been set for 8:00 PM ET on September 26 and will be televised nationally on ESPN/ABC.

The last time Notre Dame played Purdue in prime time was 2005 when the Brady Quinn led Irish blew out the Boilermakers 49-28 in Charlie Weis’s first season as head coach.  The game featured Jeff Samardzija’s spectacular one handed diving catch (pictured to the right) as well as the now (in)famous Brock Sprack “What Happened?” moment.

The win vaulted Notre Dame into the top 10 for the first since the 2002 season.  Hmmm… when the Irish travel to Ross Ade Stadium this year they will have spent the same amount of time outside of the top 10 as they had prior to that 2005 meeting.

I guess that means the Irish will find themselves in the top 10 after this year’s clash as well, right?  Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Highlights of Notre Dame’s demolition of Purdue in 2005 posted below for your viewing pleasure.


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  1. I’ll just take a victory over USC, in any form.

    That was such a fantastic catch by Samardzija. ’05 was a fun season to watch unfold.

  2. Frankie,

    Good point, maybe this year the dogs won’t get called off at all. I’ll take 60 on USC.
    Job security can be a good thing in this economy.

  3. This year, Weis sends Crist onto the field in place of Clausen, whispering into Dayne’s ear: “Brigade 9!” and the Irish go on to win the BCS.

  4. @Paul, I wouldn’t count on too many 50 spots this year even if we are much improved. In 4 years under Weis, we have yet to score 50 points in a game despite multiple opportunities. Once we hit the 40 point barrier and have a decent lead, Weis tends to call off the hounds. Maybe he will be different this year since his job is on the line, but even in the two greatest offensive seasons we’ve had in 20 years, we never crossed the 50 point barrier.

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