Notre Dame Unveils Rockne Tribute Jerseys, Sick Cleats

Last night we posted that Notre Dame teased some new jerseys to be unveiled today.  Earlier today they did just that by unveiling new jerseys that the Irish will wear on November 18 against Navy that honor Knute Rockne.  In addition to special jerseys, the Irish will done a special helmet and quite possibly the coolest cleats I’ve ever seen.

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Here is an up close look at the helmet, jerseys, and cleats that all pay homage to the Rockne Era as Notre Dame is set to celebrate the latest renovations to the House that Rockne built.

While a lot of alternate jerseys/uniforms are met with resistance from some Notre Dame fans, it will be hard to find much fault in these.  In the same year that Notre Dame will usher in the latest overhaul of Notre Dame Stadium, they will also be honoring the man who led the charge in building the original Notre Dame Stadium.

Every aspect of the jersey and uniform pays respect to Rockne.  The old style ND comes from an old Rockne era varsity sweater in 1912.  The three stars on the back of the jersey above “ROCKNE” represent the three national championships won by Rockne as the head coach at Notre Dame.  The sleeves are inscribed with quotes from the famous Rockne pep talk.

While Notre Dame and Under Armour did a great job with the jerseys, they knocked those cleats and helmets out of the park.  The old school leather look of the cleats and the leather helmet stencil on the helmet pull off a unique look that pays respect to the past.  I’m sure some will still complain about them, but these may just be the best alternate uniforms that Notre Dame has pulled off with Under Armour or adidas.

Notre Dame will wear these jerseys on senior day when Navy comes to town on November 18th.  The Irish will not only be looking to honor the memory of the legendary Knute Rockne, they will also be looking for revenge on the Midshipmen for last season’s 24-28 loss in Jacksonville.

Notre Dame will be wearing these jerseys against Navy because the Irish and Middies squared off in the second game ever played in the then newly built Notre Dame Stadium in 1930.

This won’t be the first time Notre Dame will wear special jerseys on senior day.  In 2006 Charlie Weis let his seniors wear green jerseys against Army on same senior day – the same dark green jerseys they were the epic 2005 loss to USC.

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  1. I couldn’t say it any better that Mr. Deshone put it, not to mention, since they are on TV every weekend, it would be really nice to know who the players are without having to rely on the TV commenters to tell us on every play.

  2. The cleats and helmet ROCK but instead of the name of a famous coach, gone for over 85 years, how about the name of the player wearing the jersey? Quit being cheap, like the NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Southern Cal gridders, by not acclaiming the players’ names on jerseys. A prospective recruit could infer that Notre Dame doesn’t covet him as much as a rival that’ll his surname on the jersey.

  3. My only wish was that the numbers were white and the facemask still grey. Just think that would be more visually appealing. Still a great look though!

    1. I think the regular game jerseys are better with UA, but it’s a close call when it comes to the special game jerseys. Adidas did have some good ones.

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