2 Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Georgia Tech NR
Yellow Jackets ()
  • Date: 2006-09-02 at 8:00pm ET
  • TV: ABC
  • Location: Atlanta, GA (Bobby Dodd Stadium)

Final Review: Notre Dame v. Georgia Tech ’06

Welcome to a new weekly column we will be having here on UHND.  Every Monday I will be posting an article with my final thoughts on the previous weekends games.  Starting next week it should be up earlier in the ...

Random Thoughts and Notes on Georgia Tech

(UHND.com) – The first game is in the books and the UHND recap and report card are both up so before we do some more specific articles I’m going to go over some random thoughts and interesting statistics from the ...

Post Game Report Card: Georgia Tech

Quarterback Brady Quinn had the deer in the headlights look on his face for much of the first half. Jon Tenuta did a hell of a job confusing Quinn with some complicated blitz schemes. He brought pressure from everywhere and ...

Tyler’s Thoughts on Tech

You can look at this game two ways. You can look at it in the light that the Irish just barley squeaked out a 4-point win against an unranked opponent, which is what most people are doing. Or, you can ...

Irish Survive Scare from Tech, Win 14-10

Atlanta, GA (UHND.com) – With a sputtering offense that was blitzed from all angles by an attacking Georgia defense, Notre Dame relied on its much maligned defense to hang on to an opening night victory.  Despite scoring just 14 points, ...

Frank’s Georgia Tech Preview

(UHND.com) – In just over two days Notre Dame will open its most anticipated season in over a decade in Atlanta when they face off with Georgia Tech in prime time. While Ohio State is hosting Northern Illinois and Penn ...

Georgia Tech – Notre Dame: A Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

Great, Georgia Tech. What am I supposed to make of a team that can’t even settle on a mascot? Is it the Ramblin’ Wreck or the Yellow Jackets? I think the latter is the official mascot, which is unfortunate. Because ...