NR Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Pitt 23
Panthers ()
  • Date: 2005-09-03 at 8:00pm ET
  • TV: ABC
  • Location: Pittsbrugh, PA (Heinz Field)

Post Game Report Card: Notre Dame v. Pitt ’05

Apologies for this going up this late in the week. Those of you who have been coming here for a while know we do one of these after every game and usually have it up by Sunday evening. Since I ...

My ’05 Pitt – Notre Dame Game Road Trip

I made the 5 hour trip from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh this past weekend to witness the beginning of the Charlie Weis Era. I headed out Thursday night to stay with a friend from college before the two of us headed ...

’02 and ’05 Openers Similar in Style, Not Substance

UHND.com — Numerous articles on Sunday compared the opening night victory over Pittsburgh to the Irish’s victory over Maryland in Tyrone Willingham’s first game. Most of these stories, written by sports writers who do little more research and analysis than ...

That… Was.. AWESOME!

Pittsburgh, PA (UHND) — After a deer destroyed the interior of David Spade’s character’s car, Chris Farley’s Tommy Callahan character looked on in amazement and just said, “That… was… AWESOME!” Those of you who have seen Tommy Boy know what ...

Notre Dame Marches Past Pitt in 2005 Opener

The Irish defeated Pitt 42-21 saturday night. Click here for the AP article. Stay tuned for the post game UHND article.