9 Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Trojans ()
  • Date: 2005-10-15 at 2:30pm ET
  • TV: NBC
  • Location: Notre Dame, IN (Notre Dame Stadium)

Despite Tough Loss, Notre Dame Still #9 in AP Poll

Notre Dame, Ind (UHND.com) — Notre Dame fans weren’t the only ones to take notice that the Fighting Irish played like one of the best teams in the country yesterday. The AP voters kept the Irish in the top 10 ...

Latest Game of the Century Truly a Game of Inches

Notre Dame, Ind (UHND.com) — The oldest clich

Notre Dame Loses Heartbreaker to USC 34-31

Notre Dame, Ind (UHND.com) — Notre Dame had the #1 team on the ropes with under a minute and 30 seconds to go. Facing a 4th and 8 in their own territory, USC converted the 4th down play with a ...

Ready For a Notre Dame Moment

(UHND.com) — The stage is set. The first time the ESPN GameDay crew went on the road was back in 1993 for the Game of the Century — #1 Florida State at #2 Notre Dame. Twelve years the later, the ...

The Luck of the Irish: Notre Dame v. USC ’05 Preview

Admit it. You had your doubts about this guy, Charlie Weis. Even with his fifteen years of NFL experience, and four Super Bowl rings, you wondered. Was he the right choice? After all, he didn’t play college football. And, his ...