16 Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Washington NR
Huskies ()
  • Date: 2005-09-24 at 3:30pm ET
  • TV: ABC
  • Location: Seattle, WA (Husky Stadium)

Post Game Report Card: Notre Dame v. Washington ’05

QuarterbackBrady Quinn may not have had 5 touchdown passes as he did a week ago or throw for nearly 500 yards as he did against Michigan State, but I was more impressed with his performance against Washington as a whole. ...

Irish Win Ty Bowl I, Notre Dame Upends Washington 36-17

Seattle, Wash (UHND.com) — A week after gaining 594 yards on offense, Notre Dame gained another 560 while cruising to a 36-17 over Washington and former head coach Ty Willingham’s new team. Notre Dame’s offense piled up the yards, but ...

Irish Move on to ‘Ty Bowl’: Notre Dame v. Washington ’05

Notre Dame, Ind (UHND.com) — The date was circled on college football writers and analyst’s calendars last December. September 24th. Notre Dame at Washington. Tyrone Willingham versus the team that had just let him go after three disappointing seasons coaching ...