The Book on Cierre Wood

After doing some research on Cierre Wood tonight, here is a collection of stats and quotes on Notre Dame’s latest five star running back commitment.

2007 Season Stats (source):

  • Rushing: 178 Carries for 2612 Yards (14.7 Avg) with 34 touchdowns
  • Receiving:  7 catches for 191 yards (27.3 Avg) with 2 touchdowns
  • Passing: 2 for 2 for 71 yards with 1 touchdown
  • Punt Returns: 7 for 373 yards (53.3 Avg) with a long of 97
  • Kick Returns: 7 for 307 yards (43.9 Avg) with a long of 91
  • 6 total return touchdowns
  • Punting: 23 for 923 (40.1 Avg) with a long of 56
  • 42 total touchdowns

2006 Season Stats (source):

  • Rushing: 117 carries for 1,407 yards (12.0 Avg) with 17 touchdowns
  • Receiving: 16 catches for 595 yards (37.2 Avg) with 7 touchdowns
  • Passing: 2 for 2 for 46 yards with 1 touchdown
  • Punt Returns: 8 for 92 yards (11.5 Avg) with a long of 30
  • Kickoff Returns: 10 for 331 yards (33.1 Avg) with a long of 95
  • Punting: 20 for 843 yards (42.1 Avg) with a long of 54
  • 25 total touchdowns

Those are some pretty damn impressive statisitics all around.  What really surprised me was his punting stats though.  If he can average 40 yards a kick he could be a real weapon in that gray area where you are deciding whether to punt, go for it, or a kick a field goal. has a great video which shows a few plays of Wood lining up as the punter and running with the ball.

Here are some quotes and links from around the internet on Wood and his commitment to Notre Dame.

  • “He’s a big-time player. He’s an impact player. He’s a guy that [can] take over and change a game,” said Mike Frank, who covers Notre Dame for “Notre Dame doesn’t have a lot of game-changing players on their roster right [now], though they’re starting to have more as their good recruiting continues. He brings a different dynamic. He has home run hitting speed, extremely elusive.” – The Observer
  • I really didn’t think the running menace would make a decision so soon. I thought he might opt to take the Darrell Scott route and make his choice public after his senior season and in front of TV cameras. But, this is the way to go. Now, Wood can focus on his senior year and, hopefully, help make the Saints a division title contender. – LA Times Varsity Times Insider
  • He amassed 481 all-purpose yards in a 42-20 victory over Valley Christian. Six touchdowns, too. Wood rushed for 327 yards, scoring on runs of 86, 85, 71, 56 and 17 yards. He found the end zone on a 66-yard punt return, for good measure. Now, that’s how you fill up a box score. – LA Times Varsity Times Insider
  • Academics was the No. 1 priority for Wood, who was being wooed by major colleges from across the nation.  “Their academic standards are high,” said Wood. “They graduate over 98 percent of their students.”  Although he isn’t sure of his academic plans, Wood is considering a major in engineering. – Ventura County Star
  • “Cierre Wood is an outstanding player. He’s got great speed. He can run. He’s the consummate back” Lemming said. “It’s a big-time catch.” – South Bend Tribune
  • Wood had a 91-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and a 63-yard TD run in the first quarter, and a 12-yard TD run in the second. The sensation junior would have three more touchdowns, but they were called back because of penalties. – Ventura County Star on Wood’s 257 yard performance against L.A. Baptist in 2007.
  • “I didn’t come out here thinking I was going to commit,” he said. “I just went through everything. I was expecting some stuff, but I was just taking in everything and seeing if I could actually visualize four years being here.” – South Bend Tribune

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